Four little Emmoreys

Four little Emmoreys

Friday, May 29, 2009


I titled this post overwhelmed....

Tonight, I reached a point where I just didn't know where to turn. Every direction in my hosue had a new job to do, something to clean, something to put away, some project half started and never finished. I realized, how am I going to get it all done?

Then I started, one pile at a time, one small step. I went to the spot where Randy complains about the most, the dogs corner. I vacuumed all the hair and got the entry way done, check. Then I started to put away the toys, in which Sophia went behind me and got back out. So we made it a game and she helped. I tried to do a job in Elliots room,b ut with no luck.

There will always be laundry and dishes to be done. And I am truly grateful I have more than enough for my family. I heard once it put this way, when I see my piles of dirty laundry, I can praise God for providing cloths for my family, and when I see mounds of dirty dishes after a meal I can praise God for providing food for my family. When I look at it that way, I have a much better attitude. And even a step further, the house. I am so thankful I have a house and a place to protect my children from the weather.

Sophia said some pretty cute thigns tonight. Looking at pictures on the computer, she was naming the people she saw and was telling me what they were doing in the picture. She is a smart little girl. She didn't want to go to bed, so she stayed up till about 10 on the couch with me. We just sat under the blanket and talked and she snuggled up close to me and sucked her thumb and just wanted to be close. I know there will be a day when she may not want to be as close all the time, so I am cherishing these moments while they are here. My mom often reminds me of how fast it goes and to embrace it now. She is speaking from experience... so I should do what she says huh?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

What a week

I have had a busy week. I'm just not being able to sit and talk about it too.

Last tuesday I spent the day getting ready for the yard sale. I started to feel yucky but just kept going. I ended up getting mastitis, which for those that done know, is a breast infection caused by a blocked milk duct. Very painful. Wednesday it wiped me off my feet. I was fine for a few hours and tried to do more than I should and it completely knocked me down wednesday night. We called and got a prescription and that really helped. Of course, the yard sale must go on.

We had a good 2.5 days of selling our junk. We made around $600 which was awesome. That was $600 more than we had on Wednesday! What a blessing!

Thw weekend was a blur... Saturday Randy's mom came and had lunch then took Sophia home with her. YEAH!! Saturday night we went to a friends house which is always a ton of fun. Sunday we had church then had to run to Walmart to get a few things for our youth night. Then we went to one of the youth leaders house for N'Focus that night. We were there till 9 or so. Then Monday we got up and drove 3 hours to Randy's sister's house, where we picked up Sophia and then came home. We got home after 9.WHAT A WEEKEND!

This week, its thursday already and I still dont feel caught up on things. Tuesday and Wednesday were just regular days here for me at the house, but still, I'm in a daze. The laundry is a mess.... and as much as I try to get caught up we keep making more to do. I dont think I'll ever be done doing laundry!

There are things I need to just let go of and no longer frett over. Alot of things in life are out of my control. I am only responsible for myself and how I respond to situations. I can't control others and act for them. Even at times when I feel like I know what is better, I need to just worry about me. Even my children. I am responsible for them now because they are so little, but I need to not worry about what others think and do whats best for them. So hard to do!

This coming weekend, we are supposed to be at 5 different places at once. How do you ask? Not sure yet, but Randy says not to worry, we'll do it. hehe... it'll be fun trying!

Friday, May 15, 2009

So blessed

So I heard this song on the radio last week, we were sitting in the mall parking lot of all places. I was feeding Elliot and Randy and Sophia were enjoying a blizzard from Dairy Queen as we waiting. I turned on the radio and this song was coming on. The lyrics have been in my head for awhile... I think it was Martina McBride singing about how blessed she was. And going over all the things in her life that makes her blessed. I thought about this the whole way home from the mall, about 30 minutes and you know, I am also very blessed. I started thinking of all the ways in my head and thought it would be a good post. I'll list them (and this list goes on and on)

1. I have a husband who loves me and I know when he says it he means it. He isn't looking at other women, he is loyal to me. I have his love completely.

2. I have not one, but two beautiful healthy children! They may push my buttons and stretch my patience, but I am blessed.

3. I was able to be pregnant. I have a good friend who bless her heart hasn't been able to carry a child yet, and although they have adopted and they love their son, they still have the desire to give birth. I am so thankful that I am able to but dont understand why God allows some and not others. I keep praying God allows her to have her own. Be like Sarah in the bible (although, not when she is 90) but to have one of her own.

4. We are able to pay our bills. Money may be tight, but God has provided every month and we have not had to go without... always had food and a place to live.

5. Randy has a job! In the hard times right now, he has a job that he loves and he even has a job in the evenings to help pay down the debt a little faster. So many are without jobs right now or soon to be without a job and wondering where the money will come from, but we have a job!

See, that is 5 things, but the list could go on and on! So when you are having a bad day or a day that you wish would be different, stop and think of all the good in your life. The blessings, and it will brighten your day! I often find myself grumbling over the small things. And then the blessings start to pop into my head. I never get far into the list before my day is better.

I hope this post brought you some encouragment tonight. I know its something I need to remind myself of from time to time!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day 2009

So today was Mothers Day. A day completely devoted to Mothers and how special they are. My mother in law said it best to my two year old daughter, today is about mom, every other day is about you but today, its all about mom. I liked that.

At church today, Pastor Doug talked about moms and how to resepct moms. He pointed us to great scriptrues regarding parents and their children.

Proverbs 10:1- A wise son makes a glad father, But a foolish son is the grief of his mother.

Proverbs 6:20- My son, keep your father's command, And do not forsake the law of your mother.

Proverbs 23:25- Let your father and mother be glad. And let her who bore you rejoice.

Proverbs 20:20- Whoever curses his father or his mother, His lamp will be put out in deep darkness (YIKES!)

Proverbs 23:22- Listen to your father who begot you, And do not despise your mother when she is old.

These are the verses he references and took us to while we were studying the scriptures today. I really want to raise my children to love God and serve Him! The last point and the thing that made me really think, Pastor Doug said, the one thing you can give your mom, the greatest gift, to Love God mroe than you love her. And yes, as a mom, I would love to have my chidren tell me that and live it! I have already wrote in their journals that I want them to live for God and love Him with every fiber of them, but that is just perfect. THat is the greatest gift. I would love to see my children someday living for God, serving Him in whatever and everything they do!

Also, another point, I want to teach my son to have a relationship with me. I want him to talk to me and treat me with respect. His future wife will someday be grateful for that. I want Randy to show him how to love me and how to respect me. I believe Elliot will learn how to treat a woman by watching his dad. I am also very grateful that Randy has a good relationship with his mom. He may not always agree with her but he loves and respects her. Something I want Elliot to learn as he grows.

I think mothers should be celebrated everyday.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Making the most of a great day

So I want to start by saying how much I enjoy mondays. Randy works so hard on Sundays and all week really and monday is our true family day. And we have done our job at keeping it a family day. Guarding it so we keep it that way!

This morning started out great. Elliot slept till 7! I fed him, my favorite feeding of the day, and then I was going to run to the store for milk and going to take him. Sophia woke up and instead of taking Elliot, I took her. So I gave Elliot to Randy and Sophia and I went out. I always pray Sophia behaves as we go into a store and thankfully, God doesn't think those are silly prayers!

After the store, came home and made breakfast, here is the conversation I had with Sophia:

Me: Sophia, do you want mommy pancakes or daddy pancakes?
Sophia: Daddy pancakes
Randy: Do you want daddy or mommy pancakes
Sophia: Daddy pancakes
Randy: Do you want Elliot pancakes?
Sophia: He is to little

I loved it! So I went and back breakfast, then hit the couch. I dont know why I was so tired! Randy was on the smaller couch with Elliot and Sophia was playing and leaving me alone so I could rest, it was great.

Finally we decided to not be lazy on our day but to get a project done, so up we went. We went to the hardware store and then we went out to lunch! Wonderful! We picked up an electric chainsaw and when we got home we went to work.

We cut out the bushes in the front of our house and it really makes a huge difference. WE still have to dig out the roots, but Randy wasn't worried about that today, that will be next monday. But we did so much work and my hands and arms are so sore. Thankfully my children slept most of the time and we were both able to really tackle the project.

I love being able to work next to Randy and help him those projects. We really do make a great team. He is my best friend. I can't imagine walking side by side in life with anyone else. I had the opportunity to choose someone else (two other people actually) and I walked away from those relationships. I'm so glad I did.

After working hard outside, we went and got dinner at the ice cream place in town, it was so neat! We sat outside and ate then got ice cream.

We made the most of this day. We didn't waist a minute. Tonight, Randy had to go to work and I paid bills. That sorta brought me down to reality after such a great day but its amazing, we have enough money to pay our bills! Praise the Lord! We dont have extra this month, which is ok, we dont need extra. WE just need to stick to the plan!

Ok, gotta get some sleep. I have a little one coming tomorrow and I want to get extra sleep. I got lots of fresh air today so maybe tonight will be a good night of sleep : )

Friday, May 1, 2009

A trip to the store(s)

So, you ever see the commercial where the lady is walking through walmart, with the toddler in the cart and the baby in the carrier and she loses a sock and goes and gets one, then the girl gets a stain on her shirt so the mom goes and gets a new one... and everyone looks so happy and peacefull... you definately know they were acting!

Today, I attempted to be that lady, walking through the store with two little ones. I made the list, and I was being a good girl and sticking to only what was on the list (I only put three things in that weren't on the list! woo, go me!) So I was very worried about it actually, would Sophia not listen, would Elliot think he needed fed in the middle of my adventure?

Well, I got to Walmart to see Sophia was asleep with a sucker stuck to her pants, great! I put the carrier on and strap Elliot in, then I snatched a cart, thankful that not everyone puts them back in the cart carole... oh and did I mention I snagged a front row parking spot! That NEVER happens to me! We get into the store and I pull out the list.. and we are doing great! I spent the whole time talking to Sophia and telling her what was on the list, and what we were putting in the cart... she did great.

I ran into a few friends with their little baby who is only a month old, so tiny and sweet. Elliot isn't so tiny anymore, who am I kidding, was he ever tiny?

So we get into the car, stop one... check.

We head to Sam's Club for dog food, diapers and wipes. Not a big deal right? Well, Sophia didn't want to sit in the cart again, but thankfully I bribed her and she listend. This is when it gets funny.

The dog food, 50 pound bag... remember where Elliot is, strapped to me... not easy. I manage the bag half into the cart, its in, not going to fall out, I'm good.

Now I check out and the lady at the register tells me how polite my daughter is and how good of a job I am doing with her. WOW! I love getting complitments from people out in public like that. I work hard with her and I like that people notice.

So now I'm getting that 50 pound bag of dog food to the van... I strap both kids in the car seats, check, put the other items in the van, now to the dog food. Its a heavy bag, I manage it to the back of the van and flip it over the seat... no room in the back back, has to go into the back seat. The wind is blowing, my hair is a mess (another story for another day) and I look like a million bucks. I have spit up on my shirt, thank you Elliot, and by the time I get back into the van, I am close to $200 poorer and needing a sweat tea from McDonalds. Which I got on my way home : )

So yeah, I bet the security cameras were having a great time recording me and my attempts today. Thankfully it didn't rain on me, and both of my children cooperated and didn't fuss/scream/act out! Thank you Lord! Elliot actually fell asleep on me, so sweet. And Sophia ate her M&M's and was very pleasant!

I also rented 3 movies for tonight, they were only $1 a movie! So I'm going to have a movie night while Randy works...

Ok, gotta go, Sophia is NOT napping and now that she isn't in her crib anymore she thinks she doesn't need one! Yikes!