Four little Emmoreys

Four little Emmoreys

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Sophia is 8 months old

I cant believe Sophia is now 8 months old. The funny thing is, I was in the car, about to reach Cabella's on US 23 on my way home from Ohio. She was born at 4:58 in the morning. Randy got this crazy idea to leave my brothers house at 2 AM because he was awake and so was Sophia. We packed up and hit the road. By 6 ish he was very tired and I had to take over. We stopped and got breakfast and then I took over. I was very tired too, but I know Randy was more tired than me! Let me just say, we got home safely, we were able to sleep for a few hours while Sophia slept She actually didn't wake up till after 10. That gave Randy and I time to sleep and get stuff done. Randy went out right away to use the snow blower on the drive way. The past two times we went away it has snowed while we were gone, but not where we were. : )

Now Randy is out in the garge cleaning it for a car to fit in before any more snow falls. Once he is done, we are going to get some lunch and head to the store for grocerys.

Well, my grandma is on the phone, so i'm going to finish this and head out!