Four little Emmoreys

Four little Emmoreys

Saturday, February 21, 2009

3 hour nap

So we had a busy day, ha, busy week and month really ( I have a busy life ) Well, we had a busy day and I had been packing and cleaning all day. We went to a friends anniversary party at church today and afterwords I laid Sophia down and went to feed Elliot. He ate very well, burped and I laid him down and next thing I know its 3 hours later... whoa. I haven't slept that hard and good for so long. I worry now though that Sophia took just as late of a nap with me that she may not sleep for awhile... Elliot is still sleeping, but thats to be expected. All that boy does is eat, sleep and poop. Gotta love that life!

I am just so thankful for our wonderful church family. When Randy and I got married we were serving in a church in Reed City. The people were great there, but it wasn't what we thought it would be. The church needed someone with experience with leadership, something Randy wasn't able to bring. So after much prayer and many discussions, we made the decision to move. We started in Clare the first week in March of 2007. Hard to believe its been almost 2 years now!

The ministry here is so awesome. The people are all eager to learn and willing to help. I don't feel like its work for Randy, but its our church. We said last week that its sad we won't get to go to church as a family because of Randy's involvement with the service, but its ok! He has such an awesome opportunity to lead the music and lead the youth, I love it.

When we were in Reed City, I would think that our children would not grow up there, I couldn't picture it. Here, I am already putting Sophia in school and doing after school activities. Which makes my mom sad that we are making these plans and having long term plans here, but its awesome. I have made some great friends here. Other moms with little ones, and moms with kids who are older. I love it!

God has really blessed us in giving this ministry! Pastor Doug has such a love for the word of God and to teaching it. I have learned a lot from him over the past two years. What is very funny, we canidated, accepted the job and then it occurred to me that we never heard Pastor Doug preach. It made Randy and I both laugh to think that we never heard him preach. We just knew it was the church for us that it didn't really matter.

So, now I am well rested :) and we are leaving for Florida in a day and a half, so I should really get packed and ready to go. I don't want to leave it for tomorrow afternoon... packing last minute is always bad for me, I forget important things waiting till the last minute!

Ok, gotta put dinner away, it was Randys night to cook, so he ordered pizza and had it delivered because we are in a blizzard... ok, maybe just a snow storm, but it looks like a blizzard out there! Hey I dont care what we had or what he made, I didn't have to think about it, or make it. All I have to do is put it away! I love my husband!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Cloth Diapers

So, I never thought I would even be considering the thought of cloth diapers, but after doing some math and realizing how much money we spend on something we just throw away, I am doing some reconsidering.

I have some friends, thanks jan mommies, who are giving me tips and where to buy them at. I have looked at them and I dont see how hard it can really be.

In terms of money, it would be about $400 up front, but with that money I would hopefully have enough diapers to last me until Elliot is potty trained. Um... lets look at this... $400 now, or $3000 over the course of 3 years... not so hard when you look at it that way!?

I would still have some disposables on hand for at night, maybe, or for long trips to PA.

So much to think about! I could even buy a few for Sophia... and then let Elliot use them when she is potty trained.. which hopefully will be very soon :)

So I should really get off the computer and get my house cleaned. We are having some friends over tonight and well my house is in no shape for visitors! yikes! Hopefully my children will let me get stuff done... hmm.. here's hoping!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So tired...

So, I am so tired right now, I am starting to not think straight. I can't put a full sentence together at times, I forget what I'm doing half way through it... I get distracted very easily... there will be an end to this right? Elliot will give me a full night of sleep eventually right?

I dont want to give up on nursing so selfishly I can sleep. Because I would still have to get up to feed him, just not nursing him. Then I would have to mess with making a bottle... although I could have Randy help out more..

I had a terrible evening though. I reacted terribly to Randy and I feel terrible about it. I just wanted to get out of the house today and didn't want to take both kids with me... so I had to wait for Randy to get home. He wasn't feeling well, and I just snapped.

Makes me think of what pastor Doug said on sunday, my response is my responsibility. I am in charge and can change how I react to a situation. Even though I haven't slept in oh who knows how long, can't even remember now, I can still react in a good way. How hard is that?! Oh so hard!

Elliot is such a blessing and I love him so much. He is so sweet :)

So, here are a few goals before, well, no time limit on them I suppose, just a few goals I have...

1... organize my house! I want it to be clean... and stay clean.
2... run a marathon... if we have a third baby, and now is not the time to make that decision, I want to run a marathon before that baby shows up.
3... train to be a medical transribist... lol, I spelled that wrong, and earn some money so I can contribute to the financial situaion
4... potty train my daughter! (this one can happen tomorrow!)

So many things I want to do in my life... in the future, near future and just in general.

But, I have to take it all day by day. I only am given today, and shouldn't focus on the future.

Ok, I think Randy is ready to go to bed finally... so I"m going to take my wide awake son and put him to bed, I am praying he goes right down for me... maybe he'll sleep a long time tonight! Oh that would be great!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

1 month old

Today Elliot is one month old. Hard to believe its only been a month, yet it seems like the month has gone fast at the same time. Hard to describe. This past month has been great but so much has changed. We went from a family of 3 to a family of 4. Bringing a new baby home changes everything.

But not only is today Elliots one month birthday, it is also Valentines day. La-de-stinkin da... haha... Even though I have RAndy this is just another day. I can celebrate my love to him every day, I dont need a day like today to do so. But I did wake up this morning and made him a chocolate cake. I was going to have it done last night but I ran out of energy, so I made it this morning.

We are going out tonight, on a couples date night. I want to go out with him, but I would rather go to dinner and then come home, not be gone the whole evening. We have some good friends watching Sophia and Elliot. I dont want to leave him for as long as we are going to be gone. We are dropping him off at 4:30 and wont be back till close to 10... thats almost 3 feedings!! I am such a planner and want to feed him right before we drop him off, then it'll only be 1 maybe 2 while we are gone...

Elliot slept great last night. He ate at 6, 9, 12:30 and then 4:30 then not again until 8:30. He is starting to get a real pattern at night! I say that now and then tonight he'll have a terrible night.

So, I'm not sturggling with Elliot, but with Sophia. She is becoming very defiant and doesn't want to listen. She is constantly trying to sit on Elliot in his swing, push the swing very high or she'll just go over and hit him in the head. I have tried to give her special one on one time without Elliot but it doesn't seem to be working! I know raising children can be hard, and if I let her get away with things now I'll have a harder time controlling her as she grows.

Oh, on a lighter note, I enjoy a freshly fallen snowfall on Christmas morning, not valentines day! Snow snow go away! The only thing making the snow ok, a week from monday I will be in sunny Florida with my inlaws! Its only for a week, but its ok, a week of sunshine will be nice! Sophia enjoys her Beega.. so hopefully we have a nice week!

Better go get ready for the day. I have a hot date tonight! Without my two attachments on me... Oh my the chocolate cake smells so good... I may have a hard time not eating it!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

No more sleep

So I have decided, that no matter how much I want sleep, its just not going to happen. I just have to learn to function on the little slepe I get. Elliot just loves me so much he wants his one on one time with his mom during the night when no one can interupt us. Sophia can't climb up and try to kiss him while he is eating or hit him while he is eating or poke him in the head while he eats... just him and I.

Last night it was rough, every time I finished feeding him and laid him back down he was up again trying to eat his hands. I think he hit a growth spurt... because he is sure bigger today than even yesterday! The check out lady at walmart today was amazed how big he was at 4 weeks old. Yes, he is a big boy. I also saw my doctor again at walmart, twice now I have seen him there. A little awkward but whatever. Being a baby doctor is just another job I suppose!

So I am doing the gospel challenge, and today I read Matthew 1-4. I started the 5th chapter, but thought I would wait for tomorrow, its a good book and I wanted to spend some more time in it! Such an awesome challenge to read through the four gospels!

I am going tomorrow to get my hair done too! Randy told me to set up my appoinmtment... so ready to sit in a chair and not be bugged or poked or asked to do anything! I may have a hard time staying awake for that amount of time! So ready to be pampered!

I love how my daughter says no to everything, do you like ketchup, no. Were you a good girl, no (that one is most of the time correct too)

Well, my son is needing me. So I have to finish this up and take care of my hungry boy. Oh, I weighed him tonight, he is 12 pounds. At 4 weeks... yikes!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

25 Random Things : )

So this has been going around facebook, but thought I would add one here... just in case you missed it on facebook. Plus I have thought of new things, updates : )

1. I met Randy at Slippery Rock Baptist Camp. I was on a mission to find a extra bed for my cabin, I had to many campers and not enough beds. He was trying to "flirt" or get my attention but I had no time for him!

2. Later that day, THEN I had time for him : )

3. When I met Randy, I thought I was going to marry someone else.. funny how things change!

4. I have been skinnydipping... until a fish jumped out of the water and scared the pee right out of me!

5. I had a scholarship for track in college and gave it up after one year.

6. I went to college for one year in northern Wisconsin, what a learning experience!

7. I locked myself out of my house when I was 12 in the middle of the night... yes I walk in my sleep.. haha... DID walk in my sleep

8. My children hold my heart... everytime they leave me or I go away from them, my heart goes with them. I became a mom and its amazing how they now have a piece of my heart!

9. I am a social American Idol watcher ... not a huge fan of the show, but got hooked two years ago when Randy came to meet with the deacon board : ) Been watching ever since!

10. I was 18 before I got my first kiss

11. I had more guy friends in high school, and a few close girl friends, I always got along better with guys.

12. I always dreamed I would get married on the track... crazy huh?

13. I wish I was more coordinated... to play sports like basetball or soccer!

14. I have a goal to run a marathon.... maybe before we have another baby.

15. Even though I know how hard having one baby is at a time, I would love to have twins next... identical twin girls... shh dont tel Randy my crazy plan!

16. I hate being late... I enjoy being early for things and I sometimes over prepare so I'm not late... funny how I married someone who is rarely early : )

17. I strongly dont like to be home alone, and hate scary movies (a combination of that is terrible!) And with Randy working his second job from 7-12ish at night, I have learned to be ok with being home alone at night... I dont like it, but have learned and grown from it!

18. I am the baby of the family and love every minute of it!

19. My parents never grounded me, never really put "rules" on me, because I didn't need them. I told them where I was going, who I was going with, when I would be home, and usually came home early. I just wanted their trust. I think I had it too :)

20. My parents hardly ever missed one of my races, from 7th-12th grade, and two years running college, they probably missed a total of 5 of my meets... including the ones when I ran in Wisconsin... they traveled :)

21. I have worked as a ... ice cream scooper, babysitter, nanny (very different), at Slippery Rock Baptist camp... cleaning toilets and dishes and as a counselor, YMCA daycare and at a preschool... My favorite job though, raising my children at home!

22. Randy has always been very up front and honest with me... a quality I love and admire about him! He is my best friend!!

23. I love and cherish nursing my children... I feel its my special one on one time wiht my children. No one else has that opportunity to nurse these two children... and sometimes (almost every time) I will talk, sing, pray for them. As much as I dislike the middle of the night feedings, its my special time with them.

24. I wish I could sing... I love to sing and will sing when no one is around as loud as I can, in my car, at home... so far my children dont mind... but that may change as they grow!

25. I am very happy with ho I am and where I am in life. I never thought my life would go this way 10 years ago, but wouldn't change a minute of it! Even though Randy and I dont make a lot of money, I wouldn't change that! It makes us strong, more dependent on GOD.

WHEW... that was hard and fun. : )

So I'm watching American Idol right now.. and then I'll flip over to The Biggest Loser! Randy is home tonight, usually he works his second job on Tuesdays but tonight is a bonus night and he is home! yeah! I dont like being home alone, but its growing on me.. but I love it more when he is home!

Having a good Tuesday!

So, here is the update I was talking about in the previous post. I have a short attention span and a very hard time focusing on what I am doing if someone is in the room talking or if the tv is on or radio... hmm... that is why I liked to sit in the front of the class ... couldn't pay attention otherwise!

So Elliot is doign great. He slept from 12 (ish) to 5, and now he is still asleep. I need to wake him up to feed him, but I'll give him another 30 minutes to wake up on his own then its feeding time!

What a great weekend in the word at church! Randy preached, I didn't get to hear it, but I enjoyed sunday school and then youth group. Randy shared about Moses and how he gave up the life of luxery and prosperty to lead God's people out of Egypt to the promised land. I was wondering of all the things I have or would be willing to give up to follow God.

Well, after my freshman year of college I decided to leave Geneva college and the track scholarship I had worked so hard for 6 years of high school (jr high too) to earn and then I walked away from it. It had become more important than my relationship with God and I knew if I continued in that path that I would walk away from God completely. I wasn't sure it was the right thing to do, but looking back now, I am veyr sure it was the best.

Also, as a new mom, this thought has been on my mind lately. It would be very easy for me to build up a resentment to my husband. I have to get up a few times at night to feed our son and every time I look over at him, he (randy ) is sound asleep. Yes I know he has to go to work and doesn't get the chance to take naps during the day, but I dont get a nap every day either! I really want a good night of sleep and as Elliot gets older and the sleepless nights continue, the more this feeling could continue. BUT I kicked it in the butt. I know its only for a season... Elliot will eventually sleep through the night and wont need me to get up with him every night a few times just to eat... so I just should enjoy the special time with him and stop complaining right?? RIGHT!

Ok, I have to go feed Elliot. He doesn't know it yet, but I'm about to wake him.... enough of this night life and being awake at night. We are going to spend some time today with him awake!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A weekend to recover from my weekend...

So this weekend was going to be busy, but I never thought it would go the way it did. I am so thankful however that I was able to help out the friends that I helped.

Saturday mornings are always lazy days for us. We just bum around and just enjoy the morning together as a family. We got a phone call from a friend that wondered if we could watch her children as well as the two children she was watching so she could take her husband to the ER... so we got an extra five children. No big deal. (Just makes me really thankful I only have two)

Well, we had a youth event, so I had to get all these kids to the house we were sledding at. Well Randy took the older two boys, so I had just the girls and Elliot... wow.

Ok, so Randy is talking in the same room, and I can't focus on what I'm typing. So I'll just have to come back and re-post later... just having a hard time focusing on what I"m typing!

Back later to update!