Four little Emmoreys

Four little Emmoreys

Monday, November 24, 2008

So much to be thankful for!

So many days I stop to thank God for all the blessings in my life...

Today, it was the snow. I know it may bother me in a few months when it is still around, but today, it gave me a chance to take Sophia out to play in it and that was so much fun. Sophia had a blast being pulled around on her sled and of course I was running out of energy but it was worth it!

Plus, a situation I have been praying for is looking better : )

I have to say, this whole marriage thing, is very worth it. I dont know who I was talking to lately, about marriage and how a huge step it is and how it should not be taken lightly... it got me thinking.

My marriage with Randy isn't perfect. I wont lie and tell you it is. But God did not create it with the idea that after a few years to try it and then if it doesn't work, throw in the towel. NO... and dont get any ideas here, we are not having problems of any sort like that to cause us to want to think that... I'm just saying is all....

I love Randy, and all he does for me. He is a great man with a huge heart to serve God and to minister to people. He is a people pleaser and loves to have people around all the time. That is just one of the many reasons I love him and love to have him as my husband.

We are watching this video series in sunday school, and it has been so good. We have been married 3.5 years and I thought, oh we dont have problems yet, why should we watch this? But it has opened my eyes and showed me things to help prevent future problems! Imagine that!

He makes it easy for me to respect him because of the hard work he does for our family in providing and leading. I get so sad when I hear other women talk about their husbands in a disrespecful way. That is something I pray I never do... I always want to build him up in front of others. And if there are things that I may have a hard time with about him, I pray that I just keep it to myself.

Ok, I need to get away from the computer and finish packing. Tomorrow, we are heading to PA for Thanksgiving and i couldn't be more excited. I love this time of year and this year seems to be so special. Not sure why.

God is so good and has never not provided my needs. I know I need to keep trusting HIM to keep providing : )

Monday, November 17, 2008

Target made a mistake

Ok, so I know this unlike me to post twice in one day, or for me to complain or make a stink about things... but here it goes...

Sunday night, I found an awesome deal on a carseat at Target online. It was such an awesome deal, I almost bought two... jsut because I still wouldn't be paying close to half of what 1 normally costs. So I bought one and felt great about my purchase.

Well, today I notice my order was cancelled without any notification. I checked my emial and nothing there letting me know of why my order was cancelled. So I called Target and couldn't get through to anyone, due to high volumes of calls that night (probably everyone complaining about this car seat situation)

Anyway, I'm just bummed out I guess you can say. When a store has something wrongly priced, they usually honor that price. Why would they not do this online? I am sure giving me this car seat at this price isn't going to make the chain of Target go under or anything. I will be more willing to shop there again if they do honor this and give me my car seat at the price the wrongly listed. I know I am only one person, and my little voice wont make a difference, but I am considering going higher up in the Target cooperation. Somehow, I want to get this car seat.

I am so bummed too because I like to shop there, but I am really considering not anymore....

Doctor appointment update

I went for my regular doctor appointment today.. all is well with the little one!

I took Sophia with me, and she was so cute. I got on the scale, usually a scary thing, but only gained 4 pounds this month... woohoo... not bad. But after I got off, Sophia got on. She was 25 pounds.

Then we were listening to the heartbeat, and it was 136, right where it has been, and as soon as heard it, Sophia started to bust a move. I dont know if she was happy to hear her brothers heartbeat, or if there was a beat and she had to cut a rug. hehe... regardless, she made me smile yet again!

So we went to Meijer after the appointment just to look at some Christmas presents for her, and walking in, we saw a little boy and she was pointing and saying "caidan" which is the name of the little one I watch a few days a week. Even though it wasn't him, it was still cute that she made that connection.

I think having children is a blessing and Sophia continues to amaze me everyday. I hope I dont loose sight of that when the new little one comes. I know he will be very special to me and his milestones will mean a lot, but I hope to still enjoy my little Sophia as much as now!

My next appointment is December 19th... I will be 35 almost 36 weeks. I was surprised he didn't want to see me sooner, usually at this point the appointments happen every 2 weeks, but he wasn't worried so I shouldn't be worried either. I guess when I go again, I'll be within a month of my due date... so thats a reason to party!!

Ok, Sophia has left a wonderful smelly surprise for me, better take care of that. Caidan is supposed to be here, actually, 15 minutes ago, so I'm just waiting. Hopefully he comes! I will give the mom a call in a few minutes if she doesn't show up....

Ok, have a good one everyone!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Chocolate Night

Last night we had a chocolate night. Oh my goodness... how wonderful that was! I was really good, and only ate a small plate of goodies. I could have been very bad and ate more than I should and gave my baby a sugar high, but I love my little one and didn't want to do that to him, and have him pay me back for it later in the night!

Ok, so a sidenote. My sisters youth pastor left her church recnetly, and she has always said what a good fit it would be for Randy and I, not to mention how it take us back to PA. I got off the phone with my mom and laughed, when we were this far along with Sophia we looked into moving to a new church, so lets keep the trend going. NO WAY! I started thinking of how much I love being where we are and how content I am. God has blessed us with a great church family and a great ministry here. I dont want to leave. I always thought when an opportunity came about to move to PA I would jump on it, but God has really opened my heart to this area. It is so awesome to be in a such a great church family.

With that said, we are not planning on moving and we never even entertained the thought, for those who were worried. I just thought it was funny that a church that would be so nice for us to move to would have a position open up, and I would be at this point in my life! What a blessing!

On the baby side of things... I am now almost 31 weeks along, which gives us 9 weeks to go until the due date. I am thinking he may come early, but not sure when. I dont think I'll go past my due date, but really dont know when I"ll have this little one. I'll be full term the last week of December, so Randy is ok with that too! Then I start to think, thats next month!!! holy cow!!! AHHH!! I'm not ready for a new baby yet! Yes, I am.... I just worry a bit.

Ok, gotta go. Just thought I would share my newest thoughts!