Four little Emmoreys

Four little Emmoreys

Thursday, June 25, 2009

4th Anniversary

Today is my 4th anniversary, and I have to say, its not what I expected.

I haven't even seen Randy today, he left the house around 3 AM to drive to Indiana with a friend so the friend could buy his new car.... that is just the background details.

8:50--- went to the store, or tried to, ran over something, hmm, what is that noise... pull over, oh yes, two keys stuck in my tire, tire losing air, lovely.

9:00--- got to the Blackwells house. thankfully, mike, a guy randy knows drove by and recognized me. took me, and the kids to the Blackwells hous.

10:00--- left the Blackwells and headed to Pamida (should have just gone home)

10:40--- as we were leaving Pamida Sophia wanted to go for a run, and ran across the parking lot. until a nice lady stopped her... she gave me a look like, whoa lady you have your hands full... notice the lady running behing the little girl lugging a baby in the car seat... poor elliot.

11:15-- got home with burger king... ate and got Sophia to sleep. THANK YOU LORD

1:30-- sophia is up and in full swing. its to hot to be outside, so we just stay inside.

(over the course of the day, other things happen, mostly normal things, sophia pounding on her brother, elliot eating, me eating, yadda yadda yadda)

4:45--- decide to go for a bike ride to the park, gotta get out of the house. fight the bikes down from the hanging spot randy had them in. pinched my finger in the process. realized the first biek was randys... grr.. get second one. pump up the tires... then fight to get the wagon down for the kids, have to somehow attach to the back of my bike... sophia falls in swimming pool. realize sadie is gone... get shoes on the kids and go for a walk, oh yeah, put charlie in garage so he doesn't run away. (call randy and cry for a minute) go for a walk in the back woods looking for my dog, I saw her from a distance but of course she wont come. so after getting many mosquito bites i turn back only to see her from a distance. she comes running, i get her to the garage. i wade around the kiddie pool to relieve the itching ankles from walking in the woods. UGH

it is now 5:36, and as soon as elliot is done eating, i'm goin to change him, pack the diaper bag and head to the park with the kids. i plan on riding my bike... but i may not now that i hiked through the woods, also, i'll be able to take chairs and go to the softball game tonight.

Did I mention its my anniversary and I haven't yet seen my husband today?? Yeah, not what I would have expected. Sorry for the rant.... i'm just super tired and frustrated.... could you tell?

Maybe next year will be better?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Am I sensing a repeat?

So, to start, I wanted to say how good things are. Life is just good. I am making the most of the situations in my path. I am responsible for my own reactions and that has helped. No one can make me happy, but my true happiness comes from the Lord.

With that said, I need to talk about the title of this post.

Last February, we were heading out to Virginia for vacation. I was having terrible pain in my stomach so we went to urgent care. They sent me home with a bill and the kind words that I was fine. On vacation I took a pregnancy test, it was faintly positive... so on the 16th of that month I took another test and it was postive. Woohoo, let the journey begin.

Not long after that the nightmare began of my miscarriage. It was awful and painful and something I never wanted to live again.

Well, the past week I have had an unexplained pain my stomach. Today I woke with a terrible sore throat and so we went to urgent care. They sent me home with a bill and the kind words of what to do to get better.... I'm scared to have the same nightmare starting all over again. I know we aren't suppose to worry or be anxious, but it is so hard right now to not think about it and not think of what is happening in my body right now. I guess lots of prayer right now.

As I type this, my throat is aching and my body is just so tired, but Elliot is laying next to me talking away and telling me its all going to be ok. I love this little boy. Obviously, the end result of that nightmare turned out ok because Elliot came not long after that... now he is 5 months old.

So I guess things do all work out for the best if you give it enough time and prayer. Just getting to the other side is always hard.