Four little Emmoreys

Four little Emmoreys

Friday, April 25, 2008


So, today, what a day. I was supposed to watch Caiden, the little boy I watch two days a week. They called at 7:30... when they were to be dropping him off... to say they were taking him to the doctor because he was throwing up. I had him the day before and he seemed fine. I hope Sophia didn't give it to him, or get it from him! We'll see how that plays out.

I had a small flashback from my past tonight. I went to the invitational in town for track. Wow. I was getting nervous just watching all the girls warm up. I saw girls walking around as though they were the best and I saw girls walking around that were great runners who looked so calm and relaxed and ready to run. I was one of those girls. I had talent but I wasn't loud or annoying with it. I just did my job and let my running do all the talking for me. I saw the girls run the 4x1. I could just see Lindsay getting ready, getting down in the blocks and taking off... only to give me the baton for the back stretch.. I would pass off to Jill "stick!" I would yell and Jill would swing her hand back perfectly and take off. Mel would be the anchor leg... usually by that time we had a nice lead and Mel just made it bigger. We were the four blondes my junior and senior year who ran that relay. It was great. The handoffs tonight from what I saw were not that great. My coaches made a big deal about handoffs. If the baton slows down so does your time. It makes sense. Next year, I'll get my act together and help out with the team so I can be involved. Its in my blood. Its hard to get rid of it when itw as a part of me for so long!

So. Randy started his second job tonight. He is working 7-1. I feel bad making him not only work at the church, but pick up a second job. We got ourselves in a little credit trouble and him getting this job will really save us from deeper trouble. We have since stopped using those silly plastic things that cause damage : ) We are trying to be wise with what God has given us but we are human and want more. It's really silly if you think about... materialism that is. I work a few days a week, make a few dollars and now Randy is working a second job. He even picked up an application to work at McDonalds a few nights a week as well. We are serious about getting out of debt. I would go get a job but we have to consider the cost of childcare for Sophia. I am more valuable at home watching her than getting a job only so half my paycheck (or more) can pay her childcare. 3 more hours for him tonight. Not sure if I'll stay up for him or not. I may try but no guarantees!

Randy's grandma is in the hospital again. She had a stroke today. We were going to drive the 2 hours to go see her, but after talking with Randys aunt we decided to wait till tomorrow morning. Randys dad is driving up from Arkansas right now for the weekend. Even though its under yucky circumstances, it will be nice to see them for a day. We may go back down on Monday to spend more time. Randys cousin Lucy is also in town from Florida for a bit so we want to make sure we see her as well. Life can be so busy and if you dont make time to see family, you'll never see them. Everytime we see them we think, why dont we do this more often but the thing is, we just dont make time! Sad, but true. We say we will, but we get busy in our own stuff and forget. Shame on us!

Wow, this post is getting long. Not sure if anyone actually reads this, but its there for thsoe of you who find it interesting. I try to update and I am going to try harder now! Maybe I"ll post a few pictures as well tonight. I have some time. Sophia went to bed 20-30 minutes ago, and I have a efw hours left for myself.... hmm... what will I do?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

A little trouble

So, I'm "working" today. I started watching a friends little boy a few weeks ago and its only two days a week, thursday and friday. Its great though because it gives me a little spending money as well as gives Sophia a chance to play with a little guy a few days a week. He is 7 months old, so about 5 1/2 months younger than Sophia.

I did the budget for next month and let me tell you, we could get ourselves in trouble if we are not careful. We have been so good, but lately we are starting to slip. Randy is starting a second job this weekend cleaning at night. Friday night he will work from 7-1 and then Saturday he will be working too, weather permitting because its mowing grass. I hate the thought of him working another job, but we do need the money. The church pays us great, but we need to put a new roof on the house this summer so a little extra money to pay for that would be great. I dont want to use credit to pay for it.

So, with both of us working a little to bring in some extra money hopefully the roof will get paid for quickly.

Sophia took her first tumble on the driveway yesterday. She usually will catch herself with her hands, but not yesterday. She went right down on her forehead. It is pretty high up so her hair covers it however it still looked painful and she still cried.

We went to a track meet yesterday. It was so fun. It was exciting too. The last race, the 1600 mile relay always was my favorite. Especially when it comes down to the last leg, the anchor. It took me back to my track days. I want to start running again and get back to that in shape girl I once was. I just find it really hard to get motivated when I dont have a reason. Its always a good idea to take care of yourself, but I dont have a team to let down. I guess I could look at my family as my team and try to keep in shape for them. I'll let you know it goes.

As time goes I start to want another baby more and more. I know God took my little one but I just wish I were pregnant again. I'm trusting God right now more than ever. I want to trust Him though in good and bad times. I struggle at times doing that, trusting Him in those good times when I think I dont need any extra help. Those are the times I need to be thanking Him and praising Him for His goodness!

Alright, Caiden, the little guy I watch, is in need of some attention. Not sure what he needs, but I'll figure it out : )