Four little Emmoreys

Four little Emmoreys

Monday, October 19, 2009

Love.... is not...

So I've been hearing some great messages lately at church. Lately, its been about Love and the passage in I Corinthians 13, where it defines love and what it is and what it isn't. What a great reminder to hear on sunday!

One of the main points was love isn't jealous. When someone gives you a gift, do you look around the room and say, no I dont want this one, I want that one and point to a gift given to someone else? Of course not! So why do you look around at what others have and say, I want that! God has given you what you have, for a reason. So as if that wasn't enough of a challenge, I really started looking at my life and seeing many signs of this in my own life. Wanting more than I had, wanting what others had/have! It really made me just step back and look at my blessings in my life. I am trul blessed. I may not have the biggest house or a new car, but I have a house, and I have a car. That right here is more than enough reason to be happy and to thank God for those blessings!

One question that Randy asked me, if the only thing God ever did for you, was to die on the cross, and didn't bless you with good things ever again, would you still be happy and content and would you still be able to praise Him? Truthfully, that is so hard to answer! I am human and like to be comfortable. I like my 'things' but wow! Dying on the cross to save me of my sins should be enough, but would it?!

I walked away from church on sunday with a heavy heart. With alot on my mind. Good things none the less, but need for change.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My vehicle history

I'm an emotional person, I get attached to things and have a hard time parting with them. Everything you ask? No, just my cars.

Growing up, we drove one van for most of my childhood into my teen years, a 1988 WHITE plymouth voyager. Oh that van was ugly but it tough msyelf and my 4 siblings to drive.... it braved many storms, and never died. Broke down, yes, many times, but it kept on kicking. I believe hurricane katrina eventually took that great van down. It was parked at Slippery Rock Baptist Camp and when the storm flooded western PA it sunk that van.

My first car was a 1995 pontiac grand am. I drove that most of my senior year of high school. Talk about spoiled, I saw it at a local auto shop where my dads friend fixed cars, sat in it, and said I would love to drive this car home. Well, lo and behold, a few days later it was in my driveway. It wasn't 'mine' but my dad bought it for me to drive to school and where I needed to go, but ever a time he needed it, he trumped me.

Well, that trusty lil green went many miles with me. From my senior year of high school through the summer after my second year of college. All the way to the norther part of Wisconsin (and back a few times)

After the thought of me traveling to the northern Wisconsin in my grand am, my dad made a switch and bought me a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I loved that jeep. Red. pretty. So nice.

I then moved on from there to a 1999 grand am. black. oh so pretty again! I drove that one for a little over a year, then I got married.

My dad decided to let Randy and I take the Jeep and the black grand am to michigan. woot! Two paid off vehicles, sweet!

Then the madness truly began. In January of 2006, we traded the grand am for a 2003 Buick LeSabre.... talk about a grand ma car, but wow that was a nice car. I loved it. Not at first of course, but it turned out to be a great car. We drove that car for over 2 years.... closer to 3 actually when we had this brilliant idea, sell it, buy a van!

At this point, we have a jeep, I loved, and a buick that was almost paid off. So what do we do, go buy a van, sell our Jeep (sniff sniff) and then we sold our car (sniff sniff) and have a 2003 ford windstar. Thats it.

We made it a summer with only one. Then we started itching to find something else, something to not leave me stranded at home wihout a car. So we were given a 1995 GMC safari van, I call big blue.

Recently, we sold our van *thud head on wall* and bought a 2003 pontiac bonneville ssei... which means its fast and loaded with alot of fun options. I still watned a van though.... just makes sense to hvae a van over a car with kids.

Can you guess what we did with the bonneville, sold it. yup thats right its gone. What are we driving? an old van that I wonder if it will start each time we go to put the key in. Are we looking for a van now, yes, but with no luck. We've gone back and forth on waiting vs. buying one now. Trying to save money but having the desire to have something more dependable.

I am almost immune to it now. I used to be emotional when we sold our car, but now its almost a given, we have a car and it wont be long that we are looking to get rid of it. *sigh* what a nightmare right?

I look forward to the next van we buy, in hopes we actually have it longer than any of the other vehicles we have owned.

We've been married now over 4 years.... we have had (owned) buick regal, jeep grand cheeroke, pontiac grand am, buick lesabre, ford windstar, gmc safari, pontiac bonneville..... so the next one we buy will make 8 for us....

I need a little stability here!!! hehe

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Adventure in movie land

Randy is at a golf marathon all day. He left this morning at 6 AM. What was I going to do with my day? I have a great idea, why dont we go to the movies! A friend called and invited me to see Toy Story and Toy STory II in 3D. I said yes, not really thinking about what I was saying yes to.

My daughter has the attention span of a two year old, funny, she is 2. Elliot doesn't sit still long either, always trying to get down. Not really a place to put him down at the movies.

We bought our tickets, went to get food. I orderd popcorn a drink and a kid drink... well how was I supposed to carry all this? The lady must have heard me wrong because somehow I got a LARGE popcorn and drink, and Sophia got a kids meal. So the lady was like, do you want me to help you carry something. Oh that was a nice offer.

We get to our seats.... I set Elliot down in a chair, then proceed to take everything from the nice lady who helped me. So we made it to our seats. Good.

The movie starts, everything is goig good. Did I mention it was in 3D? Which means not wearing your glasses for a long time made your eyes hurt (remember that fact) Sophia sat still for a few minutes, then lost her glasses, she handed them to me. I started to feed Elliot and bam, he is asleep. Good. Then I smelled something, whats that horrible smell... oh yes, Sophia pooped. I got the wipes and a diaper and went to the bathroom. Changing a diaper of a 2 year old, with a 8 month old baby on the changing table, not easy. We made it back to our seats.

It was all down hill from here. The first movie got over and Sophia was ready to be done. Two movies was way to much for her little attention span. I took Elliot and changed him. he left a nice wet spot on my lap... thank you son.

Movie two started... and Sophia didn't want to sit still. I began nursing Elliot again, this is the third time mind you... its a comfort thing for him, hoping he would fall asleep.... almost to sleep... Sophia kicked my HUGE bucket of popcorn and it went all over the floor. *thud head* oh no. Oh wait, whats that smell, yes, you guess it, Sophia pooped a second time. Well, toy story II, why not poop a second time. So I took them to the bathroom again, but before I could get out of the theatre she starts yelling, change my diaper, I pooped! ahhhhh!!

After that we should have left. She just wouldn't sit still and was yelling at me when I treid to talk to her. REasoning with a two year old shouldn't happen, she should listen to me because I"m her mom right??? YEAH RIGHT!

I was smart and packed a baggie full of suckers, which kept her in her seat the last half of the second movie. We made it... but my eyes hurt because Elliot kept grabbing my glasses off my face and so I watched most of the movie(s) without them.

I kept glanceing at my friend, who invited us, and her 4 year old sat and watched both movies no problem and her baby (almost 3 months) drank his bottle and slept the whole time with nothing more than a tiny peep the whole time. I'm glad for her.

I tell you, for Sophia's first experience EVER in a movie theatre she did great. Now all she can talk about was the movie and all the suckers she had.... *thud head on floor* Im a sucker for thinking she would be fine!

Next time we go to the theatre as a family, she'll be able to pay herself because I dont think that is an experience I want to have for a long time!