Four little Emmoreys

Four little Emmoreys

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Another Wednesday!

Yeah, I haven't posted in a week, and its Wednesday again, which means "Whats up Wednesday" is back!

Middle of the week, where I unwind my mind and just 'vent' out whats going on from the past week.

I may not be able to come up with 10, I may be able to, who knows. I wont know until I start.

10. Gymnastics tonight, I'm dreading taking Elliot. He doesn't listen and dosen't want to be part of his class. I am taking Andrew with me. It may be a complete fail of a night. We will have to see.

9. Still love my van.

8. We went to my parents house for a surprise 40 year anniversary. It was a huge hit. yes it was a lot of driving in a two day period but it was all worth it. The kids had fun, there was no drama with the adults, and Randy was able to go with me. Al in all it was an awesome few days.

7. I smashed my pinkie finger today. My own anger got the best of me. Most dont know me as an angry person, but I do have a temper and a short fuse sometimes. I am working on it as I see it coming out more and more.

6. As I type, my children are all playing with cars on the floor road map. Its so cute to see even Andrew loving it.

5. Elliot is still struggling with the potty. I don't get it as he was doing great for so long.

4. Andrew is in a dumping phase, if there is a bucket or container with things in it he will dump it. He just dumped two containers in the last 30 seconds and completely walked away from it all.

3. After spending time with my parents and family it makes me long to live near them all again. I feel so out in left field when things happen because its always work for us to get home. I'm stuck in a tough spot though because I love it here and love our church family. One thing is missing though, my family. I keep praying God changes my desires, but so far I still want to be there. I am content here, and I am really happy. I just see my children with their cousins and it makes me sad they dont have that on a regular basis.

2. Andrew is now walking around with a bucket on his head. Oh boy he is funny.

1. I'm so ready to be out of debt. We are working towards it. With our tax return this year we are going to use it very wisely and better ourselves. That way, we will free up some money to make double payments on other things to pay off as much as possible as soon as possible.

Wow, I got to 10. Not surprised. I like to talk. I will do better at updating more often. I know I say that a lot. But I mean it. Its good to get feelings out and 'talk' about them.

Goodbye for now.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Whats up Wednesday

I want to try daily themed posts. I'm awful at posting and I want to get better at it. For my faithful readers, lol, all three of you.

Each Wednesday I will try to post 10 random things going on in my life, things on my mind, and updates on previous events. Enjoy!

10. We bought a new van a few weeks ago, like 11 days ago to be exact, and I love it. Its what I've wanted since this newer body style came out. Randy is so good to me.

9. The kids started gymnastics. I realize its probably not going to produce Olympic gold medalists, but they sure are cute jumping around in the gym.

8. Elliot is going to be 3 in a few days and I'm in denial. He isn't a baby or a toddler anymore, he is a little boy now. He is rough and tumbly (also good reason for gymnastics) and sweet and loving all at the same time.

7. I watch a few kids in home and some have called me crazy. As if three kids weren't enough, I open my house, heart, and life to two other little ones. One I've watched for 4 years, one for about 6 months. I really do love these little ones like my own.

6. I am helping with the 'big auction' at Sophia's school and the grand raffle prize is either $5,000 or a trip for two to Vegas. As the trip sounds wonderful and all, I would gladly take the 5k. Pay off a few credit cards and maybe do some shopping. I do need a new wardrobe!

5. I want another baby. Not going to lie about it. I just know if we wait a few months by the time the baby is born, we will be closer to Elliot being in preschool, closer to financial freedom, and closer to only have one in diapers at a time. Good reasons to wait I suppose.

4. Elliot has this new thing where he pees in buckets, any bucket really. Its funny, but not appropriate! Gotta kick that habit, soon!

3. This 'spring like' weather is making me long for spring for real! I heard birds this afternoon when I went to get the mail. Not fair. As its only Jan 11th!

2. My children are growing way to fast and I dont want to miss a minute of it! I feel guilty for not enjoying my time with them more.

1. I bought a new stroller today, on a whim, yikes. Its one I've wanted for awhile, so not completely an impulse buy, but close. Its a sit n stand, but not the traditional one. All the reviews on it were good. I know Randy supports my decisions, but spending money always scares him. I really feel it will be our stroller for a few more years. Small than a double, but still has room for two children. I have two double strollers, a side by side and a front to back. Both have pros and cons. The one I just bought should be a good compromise to both. The best part, the color is orange! Toys r us was having a big sale today with free shipping, so I got it for 50% off and free shipping.

Well, that's all. Now I need to clean up my living room and enjoy the afternoon with my kiddos before their gymnastics class tonight!