Four little Emmoreys

Four little Emmoreys

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

False labor part one... more to come I'm sure...

So Friday, December 26 I woke to having some contractions. Knowing that in the morning when you have slept a full night your bladder is extra full and that could have caused them. So I peed, laid on the couch and thought I would wait them out. They didn't stop. So after a few hours of them being close together and mildly intense, I made Randy take me to the hospital to see what was going on.

AFter almost 2 hours of laying there, being checked twice... I was only 1 CM 20% effaced, to put it in simple words, I had a long way to go, but it was a start.

So they sent me home. The weekend came and went and my brother came to visit. It was so nice to have him here. Even though we didn't do much, just having him here, playing with Sophia meant so much to me.

Now today this morning really, its now almost 4 AM and I have been having the same feelings. I go to the doc today at 10... so hopefully he'll give me a glimmer of hope that this is not all in my head and this baby is on his way!

Sophia was born on April 1... april fools day... go ahead, laugh laugh laugh, so maybe this little one will be born Jan 1.. new years day! I think that would be rpetty awesome.... not only that, its only a day away!!! haha... well, two, and I dont want to wait that long, so today the 30th works too!! teehee

I'll post more when I know more!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mary's point of view

I can't help but think of Mary, the mother of Jesus, and all that had to go through her mind the months leading up to the birth of Jesus.

Take a teenage girl, who has never known a man, and have an angel appear to her and say, hey look, you are going to conceive and carry a boy, name him Jesus, and he is going to be the Savior, God's only son who will die on a cross to forgive you and everyone else of their sins.

HOLY COW! I am playing Mary in our churchs play, and reading over my lines and putting my mind into the part makes me really stop and think of what kind of person Mary was. She didn't seem to hesitate or argue or say NO to the Angel, but she said "LEt it be to me what you have said!"

I heard a song the other day, A Baby Changes Everything" by Faith Hill and it is so true. I first thought the song was about a teenage mother getting pregnant, but it was about Mary and how one baby changed everything!

One baby changed my life, the birth of Jesus, gave me hope in my hopeless life, His dying on the cross gave me a hope of eternity with Him someday in heaven. How awesome!!!

As this Christmas season fastly approaches and you get lost in the shuffle of the holidays, stop and think of what went through Mary's mind, and Josephs mind as well. This couple promised to be wed, never had been together physically and yet she is found with child. That would be a little hard to explain.

If you are interested, go to you tube, and type in A Baby Changes Everything and just listen to the words of the song. Powerful words to a new beginning!

Playing this role as Mary wasn't something I would have jumped to do on my own, but being pregnant this year made me want to do it. I am not an actress by any means, but its an honor to get to play Mary. Sure I got the part because I look the part this year, but its pretty exciting to get to play the mother of my Savior!

I can't imagine what that first few nights was like for Mary and Joseph. Being born in a stable, not a clean hospital or a clean house even, but a dirty stable, where the animals eat and sleep and poop. (well come on, they do that too!)

Ok, I'll stop going and going about my amazement about this time of year. I love this holiday and the meaning behind it, so its only fitting I have a baby due shortly after : )

Have a great night and evening and if you read this on Christmas, have a very merry Christmas!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

One month is no time....

Every time I go to the doctors, I expect him to say everything looks good, so when it happens I am not as surprised, but today, I was really happy to hear everything looked good.

I gained 4 pounds, in less than two weeks. Yes, thats a bit scary but whatever, I'm growing a baby and I need to be gaining weight right? I am only up 28 pounds total, so thats not bad. Sophia was about 39-40 pounds, so I still have ten pounds till I reach that. But of course, I have another four weeks...

Our sons heart rate was 133 and I do believe he was sleeping. He has always been so active, but today at the doctors he was nice and still and the heart beat was strong and steady. It is always such a miracle and a blessing to hear the heart beat. Makes me really appreciate the little life growing inside of me.

My doctor is a wonderful doctor. He has a small practice but he has many patients because of how good he is. I feel like he gives us time to ask and answer questions and never rushes me out the door. Today he talked about what to do when that blessed day arrives and when to head to the hospital. We live just a few miles from the hospital, so I am not worried about making it on time. BUT you never know.

I am so thankful and excited to meet this little life. I love my family the way it is, but I do feel like a part of us is missing. Once he is here, I dont know if I'll have that complete feeling or not, but I do know this little guy is much anticipated!

Randy has to work his second job tonight. Thankfully, he only has to work tonight and then he is off for two weeks. Which will get us through Christmas and New Years, then he has to go back. I want him to have off after the baby is born, but I think I"ll be ok. He leaves for work around 7 and Sophia is only up for another hour, so she'll go down and it will only be the little boy and I... so I should be able to handle that!

Plus... American Idol starts sometime in January, so I"ll be very excited to start that up with the Blackwells. Give Kathy some girl time since her daughters are both heading back to college in early Jan... Kathy needs a girl around there a few nights a week with her hubby and two sons!

I was a tad depressed today when my doctor told me he thinks I will go full term... but that is only 1 more month. That is no time at all. With Christmas next week and then New years the week after, then it will only be two weeks.... It will go fast. I look at Sophia and think of how fast her pregnancy and short life has gone and think, soon I'll be sitting here letting them play together.... in a blink of an eye really!

One month is nothing!

Happy reading! (Sophia just pooed for the second time today, better go take care of it... I

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Last time we had a lock in...

Ok, so we had a lock in (not a lock in) IT was different because we made the teens sleep. It was more a group training weekend, leadership retreat, but we called it a lockin. Well, it went great. The teens all seemed to have a good time, at least that is what I gathered. The food was excellant thanks to a new youth leading couple, Steve and April. Last time we had a lockin I was pregnant with Sophia, this time, with our son, so I seem to get out of these things due to pregnancy. : )

Last time we had one though, was the end of March 2007 and Sophia was born one week and a day later... so I'm wondering if next Sunday we will be welcoming our new little boy to the world? It would only be fitting to keep with our lock in tradition! I sorta hope not, because next Sunday night is the adult Christmas play at church, and Randy and I are Mary and Joseph and well, we are sorta important to have in the play. Wouldn't that be funny, Mary couldn't be here because she is REALLY having a baby! AHHH!!!! As ready as I think I am I am not ready to have my life turned upside down again. BUt it would be cool to have him and have him HOME for Christmas. That would be awesome. I am ready to meet him!

Ok, So I am terribly uncomfortable at the moment. My son is digging into my ribs and it hurts!!! I am 35 weeks, and in two weeks I will be "full term" and I hope he is ready to meet me, because I am ready to have him out!!!

Ok, watching a movie here, The Santa Claus, what a fun movie!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Wide awake

Ok, so its 4 AM and I am wide awake. No big deal right, wrong, this has been going on for weeks now! I am a walking zombie in the mornings anymore. I just wake up and am up for hours before falling back asleep.

Thankfully Nick at night is on and that keeps me entertained until I fall back asleep.

So, I found out my mom can't come see me and the baby until Jan 19, which is my due date. I know she is really sad about it and so am I. I really don't know if this little one will wait until then. A part of me wants him to just for her sake, but then another part truly doesn't believe he will make it. I know if he comes any sooner she will be so sad having to go to work everyday. Her co-worker is having surgery on Jan 1 and has off until the 19th and my mom and her both can't be gone at the same time. I really was looking forward to her and my dad coming right away and helping out with Sophia and just being here with us. But if I act sad or show any bit of upset over this I know it will only make her feel even worse.

So I have to act like it doesn't bother me, even though it does. I know it really doesn't matter when she comes, I know she would come as soon as she could if it were up to her but it's not.

I love where we are living, but I hate the fact that things like this keep us apart. Now, he may be a week late and then I worry for nothing, but I don't see that happening.

Oh, we went out to dinner last night, I got pepsi, that's why I am wide awake! I haven't had caffeine like that in awhile... sorry little buddy, its not keeping him awake he rolls over every so often and gives me a jab but other than that he is sleeping right now.

Ok, tomorrow is friday, or should I say, TODAY is friday... better try to get some sleep. It is going to be a long weekend.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A new day

Last night was rough, not going to lie about it, I'm ready to have this baby out. I'm wanting him to be healthy and big and strong, but I want him born 5 weeks early. I actually had a dream he was born 12/12 which would be TOMORROW!!! yikes! I don't think that will happen, but you never know.

H really thinks its funny to use my ribs as a jungle gym or a play ground... um... not what they were made for! But whatever. I am not complaining. I am very grateful to carry my own children and to have this opportunity. It will just give me a fun story to tell him someday of what he did to me. All in a loving way of course!

So Christmas is two weeks from today and I'm not as excited about it. I wont be going "home" and that has been hard for me to swallow. Again, because of this baby. He is worth it and traveling probably isn't a good idea, especially with all that I have feel feeling lately. But still, its hard for me to think this is going to be a good one. I have my family with me, Randy, Sophia and the new baby, they are my family now, but still.... its hard.

Rumor has it, my brother is coming to visit the weekend after... I can't say he is my favorite brother, because I have three great brothers, but he is definitely the one I am closest too, so for him to come to my house is so great! Not sure when they are coming or how long they are staying or what we will do, but they are coming. We gave him a puppy last year, so maybe he'll bring him and I'll get to see him. He is my dog Charlies son, so a little father-son visiting will be nice. Not sure though, I'll just be happy with Nathanael and Emily here.... even if they leave their dogs in PA : )

Ok, Sophia has really leaned to love the word MINE and Caidan has learned it as well. OY.... so annoying and frustrating to hear but whatever, its a stage she will go through and hopefully Randy and I can teach her to share.

Ok, My little son is up in my grill... haha, ok, my ribs, so I need to go do something other than sit here!

Monday, December 8, 2008

The joys of pregnancy

So this pregnancy has been so much different than Sophias. I dont want to say harder, just different.

Well, last week I started having cramp like feelings very low in my abdomen, which is what happend just a few days before Sophia entered the world, so I started to wrry. Well, I didn't think much of it, still to early to have a baby, so I sorta ignored it. Well, today I thought I better call. Turns out, I have a bladder infection. My nurse said my uterus and bladder are not friends and are both fighting for the same space, and the uterus is winning, making the infection in my bladder. I am on an antibiotic for a few days and hopefully that will clear things up. I was so sick to my stomach just thinking there could be somethign wrong with the baby or that he was coming early, but my doctor reassured me I was fine, the baby was fine, and he was going to stop anything from happening to early. he is a great doctor.

So that made for an eventful morning/afternoon today. On top of that, Sadie, our dog, has been running away. She is so silly and thinks its funny or something to take off. Three tiems in the past few days.... ugh silly dog. Anyone wnat her? She makes a great pet, when she stays in the yard and doesn't take off. The funny thing is, Charlie, who doesn't have the underground fence collar on never leaves the yard. Sadie has the bigger of the two collars, usually Charlies on, and she takes off and gets a buzz and Charlie stays and cries because she ran away. Oh fun.

Ok, so thats my day. I'll update more later. I always say I will write more often, but it never seems to work that way : )