Four little Emmoreys

Four little Emmoreys

Friday, July 8, 2011

July 7, 2003

July 7, 2003 started off like any other monday morning. Woke up, got dressed, ate breakfast and headed off to Slippery Rock Baptist Camp. I had a few things running through my head as I picked up my cousin on my way. We had a conversation on being content and waiting on God. Not just for finding our mates in life but in life in general. We pulled into the camp and about 10 minutes later a big blue van started pulling in. Usually when ministry teams joined us for a week of camp they through off the flow of our regular staff. This team was supposed to come later in the summer but due to a cancellation, Pastor Dave invited this team to join us for an extra week.

After seeing some of the team members get out of the van, my friend Julia and I decided to go greet them. There were thre girls and three guys. Two of the guys had blonde curly hair, the other had blonde hair but had a hat on. We introduced ourselves to him but he was very distracted. Oh well, we tried to be nice.

Later in staff meeting Pastor Dave told the girls on the team to find me and I would give them a brief run down on where their cabins were and what to expect this week. The leader of the team, then came and found me after to also talk to me about the same things.

The leader of the team, Randy Emmorey. Small world right? Randy doesn't remember meeting me either of those two times, but later is his first memory of me.

I was walking looking for a staff shirt and to find someone to add an extra bunk in my bed due to the number of campers I had. I kept walking past where he was standing and he kept trying to get my attention. Saying things like "How am I going to remember your name if you keep changing your shirt" I didn't have the rigth staff shirt for the day and so they kept giving me a different one and I kept changing. He was right, I kept changing my shirt and he was having a hard time remembering what I had on. He tells people, the cut off jean shorts, white t shirt and the red flip flops was forever engrained into his mind of what I was wearing the first time he met me.

So, that day, 8 year ago, played a huge role in my life. I didn't expect God to bring my husband to me the same day I let go of the reigns. Very thankful that I was willing to trust someone coming through on a summer ministry team.

July 7, 2003, isn't the date we got engaged, or the day we got married, but it was the day that changed my life forever by meeting my husband.