Four little Emmoreys

Four little Emmoreys

Thursday, October 30, 2008

So, if someone would hav told me the second pregnancy was harder than the first, I would still go through it, but I would consider it first. Things this time have been so very different than the first. I know this little life growing in me is worth it though, I just look forward to having my body back and being able to sit without getting jabbed in the ribs or my bladde stomped on.

Today was a good day. I ddin't have Caidan again, two days in a row. That was nice. I got a lot done, cleaned, laundry, packed for the retreat, it was one of those kind of days where I can go to bed and know I did enough in my day.

Last night was pretty eventful. Pastor Doug had an awesome message about prayer and how we should be praying. Well, right after the message a man walked to the bottom of the steps and collapsed with a heart attack. I have never witnessed something like that and I did'nt know what to do. So I prayed. I got Sophia and I went and prayed. God is soo good. The man is weak, and the muscles around his heart causing the heart attack, but he is still alive. It really made me think that we never know when our last breath will be, so what will you be doing when you take your last breath? Have you impacted the Kingdom today? I have been really thinking about that lately, and last night really got my attenion!

This weekend we are taking our teens to a retreat at THE SPRINGS, only the coolest camp ever! I used to say SRBC was the coolest, but the springs has climbed the charts and in my opinion has passed SRBC... another post for another day. The retreat is a purity and holiness retreat. I am really praying that our teens take something home from this. I remember coming to a point in high school to not kiss until I was married... even though I didn't keep that vow, I learned alot through it. There is mroe to a relationship than the physical side.

Ok, its pretty late and I could really keep this post going about what I have just sprung in the last paragraph, another post for another day.

I am just baking the last tray of cookies for my sweet husband who wanted my moms recipe of chocolate chip cookies... so the love of my life... enjoy your cookies!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Tired, oh so tired

I know God is good, and why do I complain?

I should just end the post at that, but of course I wont.

I love my husband, but being married is hard. Being self-less is very hard. All I want (this week) is a crib for my baby. I am having a terrible case of nesting and feel the need to have a crib in the babys room. A crib that this little one wont even sleep in until he is born (duh) and then even some time after that! But I still find the need to have a crib!

I just wish I could be handed $5,000 tomorrow, then I can buy a crib, not even a super expensive one, just a crib!

Why am I making such a big deal out of this! Its not! I have enough of everything I truly need for this little one, and I know its not the material things that make a baby happy, but I do know that a place to sleep will make him happy.

Ok, I'm done venting over this. I am going to finish watching one tree hill then hopefully fall asleep. Randy is working tonight... probably till midnight or so, so annother night of falling asleep on the couch and then moving to the bed when he comes home. At least I have my two guard dogs... who are currently sound asleep and would take a minute to really wake up and protect me! oh well, they try.

Ok, to all you readers, if there are any!!! Goodnight!

Friday, October 24, 2008

So, God is good all the time!

I need to start my days with that thought. No matter what happens, always to come back to that! There will always be bad things around me, but if I focus on the goodness of God and His promise to never leave us, then life isn't so bad!

Pastor Doug had a good quote a few weeks ago on Weds night... if you want to be discouraged look around you, if you want to find hope, look up to God! He is the provider of hope! How awesome of a comfort to cling to!

God has give me a great group of friends, some close by and some that I"m not sure when I'll see again face to face. But the famiy of God is amazing. No matter where we are physically, we can always pray for each other and I know God hears those prayers!

Colossians 3:17 was the verse Pastor Doug spent some time on Wednesday night

"And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him."

He challenged us to base our week, our days, our every thought/action on that verse. No matter what we are doing, to always be able to do it in Christs name. To never be caught doing something that in the middle of you couldn't stop and praise the Lord for it. What a challenge! I think of myself as a good person and one that pleases God most of the time, but a challenge to me is to make sure everything I do is pleasing to Him! Pretty awesome stuff if you ask me!

On a different note... we went on a crib hunt last night with no sucess. We couldn't decide if we wanted to bump Sophia to a big girls bed and give our new baby her crib, or if we wanted to buy a second crib and let her sleep in her crib until she is ready to be done. I dont want to rush her to grow up... and I want to be able to put her in her bed and know she'll be there after my shower. We are still cribless and still looking. But what I said earlier goes still... God is good and will provide us a crib in the perfect timing. I just need to realize it may not be on my time schedule we get it : )

Ok, better get going. Sophia is playing and Caidan is sleeping. I should probably do something productive this morning!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Oct 20... a bittersweet kind of day

So to start my story, back in February of 2008, I was having some sharp pains in my right side of my stomach. It lasted a few days, but went away. I thought I could be pregnant, took a test, and negative. Ok, so the night before we left for vacation I was up most of the night feeling yucky. That made for a great start for vacation! While on vac. I started getting sick again. So I bought a pregnancy test, and sure enough there was a faint line.... woohoo! A line is a line in my mind.

So I came home and re-tested on Feb 16 and there was even more of a line. So, I was pregnant. Sophia would be a little over 18 months when this baby would come, wow, I'll have my hands full is all I could think about.

Well, less than two weeks later it all fell apart. The bleeding started on March 5, a wednesday. I knew something was wrong. I went to church that night and called my mom from the nursery and cried to her over the phone. I knew something was wrong. That night the bleeding got heavier and I knew what was happening. I called my doctor's office and to my surprise, my doctor called me back at 10 at night and talked me through what was going on. I didn't sleep that night, but sat and read my bible and wept, I cried out to God for answers and just wept. The next day, Randy took me to the ER because the pain was unbearable. AFter a few hours in the ER and an u/s by a very unkind u/s tech... they told me the sac was empty, there was no baby.

I believe I cried for a week straight. I would have a good morning and then it would hit me and I couldn't do anything. My due date was October 20, which is today.

I knew I wanted to try for a new baby right away. And so after a month of mourning and getting over the lost... we said we would start trying again.

On Mothers day, May 12, 2008, I got a postive on a home test. I know God has a reason for me loosing that baby. I can be more sympathetic to those who go through it now because I also went through it. I also leanred how hard it really is face it and how I never want to make a mother feel guilty for talking about her pregnancy around me.

Yes, its hard to see a baby born, especially this month, but God has a purpose for what I went through. I can't let my feelings get in the way of what God has planned for me. I'm 100% convinced HIS plan is better than anything I could ever dream up.

So, I am pregnant again, and due in 3 months. I am having a boy and couldn't be happier. I know this little boy growing in me right now has a special purpose because God wanted me to have him more than the other little baby.

So, today is a bittersweet kind of day. Its bitter because of the pain that I went through but its so sweet because I am carrying a little boy and he will chane my life.

God is good, all the time. If you want to know more, just ask.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Another day

So it seems that once a week I have an emotional pregnant day. Yesterday, that was me. The morning was great. I got so much done, cleaned the kitchen, made breakfast for the kids (Sophia and the little boy I watch Caidan) and had it all going for me. Not sure when that all changed, but boy did it ever!

Around noon I was changing diapers/clothes, getting them out of pj's... yes it was noon before I did that! So they both had wet diapers, but within a few minutes of changing them, they both pooped. So, that started the day off great. Then I laid them down for naps, and they were both sleeping great. When the phone rang. Randy is super sweet and wouldn't have called if he knew I was sleeping. But alas, it woke me up and woke up Sophia who then woke up Caidan.... *sigh* ny nap was over.

Not only did Randy call, he kept calling. He was goign to buy material for me to make a blanket for the new baby, which is super sweet, how could I be upset at that? BUT on top of all of what was going on, I coudln't find Sophia's sippy cup. That should be a big problem, but oh it was bothering me so much!!! Enough to start crying, more like sobbing. What a wreck I was! I called Randy and he said he would come right home.

One of these days I wont be pregnant and I'll be normal again. Maybe... haha...

SO I washed the cute material Randy bought for me and now I have the front of my son's blanket done. I'm excited to have Randy pick out the material because it makes it part his too. I made it, did all the sewing, but he had a huge part in picking out the colors. I like that. He is such a great guy!

So when Randy got home, he bundled Sophia up and took her outside on the mower and I took a nap. I was goign to make dinner too, but the internet wouldn't work and so I couldn't look at the recipe, so we had leftovers for dinner and I am making the meatloaf tonight. I plan on starting it in 30 minutes or so... something like that.

Tonight we are going back to Mt. Pleasant to buy candy for the trunk or treat tomorrow in town, and go back to Joanns to buy the fabric for the back of the quilt. What Randy bought is nice, but I want a different color. I'll use what he bought for something else for sure!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Just an update

Ok, so a week ago I was having a super pregnant day... everything could go wrong did, and I was just very emotional about it all! But things got better and I can look back now and laugh... haha... but moving right along!

I am not 26 weeks pregnant, and that means 14 weeks to go! Almost to my third trimester! I am really ok with this little baby coming early and being here for Christmas. But wouldn't have to have it that way... just would be nice.

We are playing Mary and Joseph in our church's Christmas play, on December 21, and I think it would bo so funny if during the play I did actually go into labor and have to leave! What a riot!

So I'm watching Monsters Inc right now... *sigh* it makes me miss my roomie Tiana! We had a blast our freshman year together and I think this movie was playing all the time!

I miss those days! But wouldn't trade what I have now to go back to them. I love my family and my daughter... I have a blast with her! And my soon to be new baby in January, maybe december... if things happen!

Ok, gotta keep going! Caidan is coming today and I have to be out of my PJ's when he comes!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Ok, so I last wrote a few weeks ago, so much has happenned.

First, I had my doctors appointment, all is well. The heart rate was 150... which is just lurking in the middle. I gained some more weight, which for being pregnant, is a good thing... I am up 11 pounds so far. Not to bad for over halfway!

Tonight we have an ultrasound. I still really dont care to know what we are having, but may just take a peak and see what I see. The surprise will be a surprise whether I find out today, or wait until January. Regardless, we may keep it a secret until the we have teh baby. Maybe we wont share the names, but we'll see. I'm sure I'll want to tell everyone about what we are having if we find out.... so many decisions!!

Sophia is now 18 months, which seems super hard to believe! I can't believe she is here and is doing all that she is doing. So active and into everything. Not so naughty, but just busy. She listens better than some little ones I've seen her age. So, I can't really complain about that!

I had a birthday, now 25. woohoo. Randy had a surprise party for me saturday night. What a sweetheart he is! I really love my birthday, and like the surprises, but hate making a big deal about it. I hate telling people what I want to do, but if they just plan it and do it, then I love it. Then on the actualy day, Sep 30, we went out to dinner and then did a little shopping. Then the next day we went back and bought the things we wanted. I got a new pair of maternity jeans, Sophia got a new outfit to wear this weekend at our Christmas party, and then the new baby almost got an outfit, but we decided to wait on that one.

So, I need to fold the basket of clothes on my couch behind me, I dont want to, and dont hvae any motivation to do so... but I guess I should. I then should put together our bag for this weekend. We are going to my mother in laws hosue for Christmas... thats right, its October, but we celebrate early. They leave for Florida in a few weeks and like to celebrate early. So friday night we'll have a christmas party. I bought sophia a cute sweater/sweatshirt to help get into the festive mood. Plus she'll be able to wear it later for the actual holiday. So it wasn't a bad purchase : )

Ok, I'll post pictures later from our ultrasound... super excited and only 4 hours to go!!! woohoo!!!