Four little Emmoreys

Four little Emmoreys

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Two years ago...

Two years ago today... (I've been doing alot of thinking like this lately)

I was HUGE pregnant with Sophia and ready to have her. Of course, I didn't know she was a girl, and just kept wondering what my little baby was going to be. I loved not knowing. If we have a third baby, thats the way we will go. I dont want to know next time.

I was still 3 days away from the day, not knowing that of course, I was anxious every single day. We would go for walks, I would walk down the street to the church to see Randy once a day, just for fun, then continue to walk around the block, hoping it would wiggle the baby out.

March 29th, I was just ready!

Looking back now, it seems like it happened all yesterday. I can remember walking into the hospital with the though "Oh stink, I can't do this, what was I thinking, getting pregnant, I can't be a mom, I can't have a baby, I'm to young, I need my mom" But I did it, and I have survived 2 years with my beautiful daughter. THere are days I wonder if we are goin to make it. Then there are the moments where I wake up to her snuggling up to my back and rubbing it sucking on her thumb. I turn over, she gives me a smile and says "hi mommy" Those are the mornings Randy has gotten her up and let me sleep in and brought her back to bed with him so she can snuggle and watch cartoons in bed with us.

I have to say, she is a wonderful little girl, and I really am blessed to have her. God had given me a beautiful daughter, inside and out, and I look forward to see how she grows and I pray she grows in the Lord. I pray she walks side by side with Christ and lets HIM have her life. That is my prayer for my little Sophia right now.

Well, the bible study group is meeting at my hosue tonight, and I want to continue the tornado clean up job I was working on, but I got side-tracted, no surprise there! The living room is almost done, the kitchen has been started BUT the bathroom is done! Woo!!! See, I'm not being completely lazy and addicted to this darn computer. I do enjoy being online, but I am trying to stay away a little more... focus on more important things = )

Ice Skating

Why do people go ice skating? Put these funny boots on your feet with blades on the bottom and go on a big oblong shape ice.. and go in circles, and put themselves in risk of falling and hurting themselves. Why? Because why not!

I haven't been ice skating in years, and it reallly took me back tonight to my younger years, of growing up and waiting for "the pond" to freeze. Getting all bundled up with goofy hats from grandmas bin of mismatched hats and gloves and going out and playing hockey. I can remember trying to do figure skating moves with my cousins and we had a blast! We would have some sing songs while you did your routine, and we always tried to do special stunts. THEN on some weekends when we started driving, we would make the 20 minute drive to the actual ice arena and go skate where we would try to show off the mad skill we had. (My skill was trying not to fall)

It really took me back though and I had a great time remember what it was like, Steph, Mandy, Lex and Robyn and I would enjoy the few times we could actually skate on my Grandmas pond a winter. Life seemed so simple back then. I like that simple life.

On another note, I was actually able to go because some good friends said they would watch my children. Praise the Lord! I got to go be Sara for the night instead of "moma" Now there is nothing wrong with being mommy, but sometimes, its super nice to get out of that and just be an adult without a child hanging on you. But by the end of the night, I was ready to hear that beautiful word "Mommy!" when I came in the house.... Its a word I hold dear to me, because my little Sophia says it, I love that child!

So here I am, awake at 3 AM, long story, you'll have to ask me why I was up, when my children are both asleep and Elliot did not need to eat. I wont put it on here, but go ahead and ask if you really want to know.

Well, I'm off to hopefully drift back asleep. I am constantly listening for my baby boy to cry out for me to say "mommy I'm hungry, please come get me!" But he hasn't, he wouldn't eat when we got home and I tried to feed him at 11, so we put him to bed expecting him not to make it all night, so far, its been since 8 that he ate (7 hours) and I'm hoping he goes another 4 at this point, but if its sooner than that, I'll deal with it.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day Care

So, today Randy had this idea, to finish our room in the garage, that is a family room, actually its a mess really, and turn it into a daycare room. He wants me to look into getting my license so I can take on more children and go about it legally.

I am currently watching two little boys, an almost 2 year odl and a 7 week old, and I love it. I really feel like God has blessed me with the ability to take care of children and have the patience to deal with them. He has even mentioned taking out a loan to finish the room this summer so I can start up this fall.

I realize daycare ties you down greatly to your house and it may not be everything I have in my mind, but I could do it for a few years until my children are in school, and then even continue. We dont do things to simply make money, but if I did the math right, it could create a nice sum of money each month, which would help out tremendously!!

So the process to do this, first we need to see what getting a license will take, how hard it is to maintain, and all the little things we will need to do to get it, Then we need to borrow the money to get the room ready. The room right now, is a cement floor that is gross and yucky. It is also the home of our dogs, which I'm not sure what would happen to them. One person told me you can't have dogs when you own a daycare, but I have seen a daycare in town with a fenced in yard with dogs in it, with children. But she may not have a license, she could jsut be doing what I'm doing.

Oh, and then the fun part, the name. Not sure where to even begin! I hate the thought of being tied down everyday, but like the thought of being able to make money at doing what I really enjoy.

So, if you are reading this, please pray for me. This is a decision I want to really pray and seek the best for our family. So if doing a daycare is what I feel led to do, then so be it, but I really want to not jump into it without really thinking it all out. So, the next few days/weeks even I am going to pursue what is best for our family. I think it may be kind of fun, but we will just have to see.

The two little boys I watch now are so dear to me. THe one I have been watching for a year now and I love him, he has become a litle son to me, I take care of him like he is one of my own, and then am glad to give him back to mom later. The new little guy I have only had two days so far, but he is a sweetheart as well. I have enjoyed every minute with him!

Ok, so tomorrow is going to come fast, and hopefully Elliot will go to bed here in a few minutes and sleep till 6... heres hoping at least!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Start of something good here!

Ok, so yesterday was crazy. But good.

I started watching the second little one, which had its own challenges. LIke when feeding time came, and both Elliot and Jayson both wanted fed... I managed though, they both got fed! I was able to get them both to sleep, by rocking them, at the same time... wow, I give my mom major credit for having twins! Not as easy as I thought it would be. And I take it back, I no longer secretly want twins, I'm done with that thought!

Randy said Elliot had to sleep in his own room, so against what I watned, I put him in his crib now for two nights. THe first night I ended up bringing back to our room,b ut last night, he stayed in his crib all night. HE slept great, and so did I. Oh well, I guess he can't stay my little baby for ever. Although, he is getting more fun with his facial expressions and his noises, so its all good. I told Randy he is going to have to give me away when Elliot gets married someday, I dont want him to ever leave me!

On bigger news maybe, well, maybe equal value as Elliot sleeping almost through the night, Sophia used the potty today and then came to me a second time and wanted to go. We sat there for a few minutes until she finally went, but it was wonderful!!!! I didn't want to push her so I was just praying she would get the hint and start on her own, well, she tried it today!! YEAH!!!

Ok, so Jayson is stirring and so I'm going to get a bottle ready for him, hopefully Elliot can wait till Jayson is done. He should be ok, If Sophia leaves him alone! She just loves to hold him and help out, yikes!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Trying it out

So, I knew this day was coming, and its here I'm afraid, the night Elliot sleeps in his own crib in his own room. He is there now, sleeping and looking very peaceful I might add. I put Sophia in her own room at 2 months, he is now 2.5 months, so a little later than her. I have the monitor on and am afraid I will sleep with it in my hand waiting for him to make a peep. Maybe tonight will also be the night he sleeps through the night entirely... oh.... so nice!

So the topic of more children keeps being brought up by a few people... as much as I want to say 'sure, I'll have more children someday' I really dont know if we will. It'll take a lot of prayer and alot of talking and thinking to really get us to that point. Sophia and Elliot are cute, but they are expensive and money is an issue, we dont make alot. Yes God has always provided for us and He will always be there, but we also need to be responsible and not go crazy and have more children than we can financially take care of. Hard to make that decision though when I am so stinkin sleep deprived!

I start my new job tomorrow... I am now watching two little ones on top of my own two. I have taken on a new infant, 3 weeks younger than Elliot. I will have him three days this week for 8 hours a day. So with that money, plus the other little guy I watch, it'll be right around $100 a week, on average. It may be more and probably will be more most weeks, so that will be an average of $400 extra a month. THat will help out so much in the bill department and paying down debt. So with my money from watching the little ones, and Randys extra money he makes from cleaning in the evenings, we just got ourselves a bigger shovel to help dig our way out of debt! We just need to tell ourselves NO and to STOP SPENDING MONEY ON THINGS WE DONT NEED. lol... thats so hard to live out!

Ok, I think Elliot is very comfy in his bed, I should try to get a few hours of sleep before he needs me again... wont be long and he'll be like his sister and sleeping 12 hours a night and only needing me to get him a sippy of milk...


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Diving In!

So, I have been looking at ways to work our budget to save money. One thing I havve done, leave the credit cards at home! Shoot, I may send them to work with Randy, online shopping is just as bad!

Anyway, I have invested some time and thought into the cloth diapers market. After talking to some ladies on the wonderful january birth board I belong to, I went ahead and did it, I have three now and the rest are coming.

Dont get me wrong, I'm not doign it b/c its better for the environment or for my baby. I used the disposable diapers for Sophia and she never had diaper rashes other than one or two when she has been sick and teething. She will continue with them until she is potty trained.

So, I have 15 bum genius diapers, they are all in ones, where I just have to stuff the liner and put them on him and wash the whole thing. And I will have 15 prefolds and 3 covers. I was told I dont need a cover per diaper I can use the same cover more than once between washings. So that gives me 30 diapers. (I just bought 12 more BG and had 3 already)

Randy is actually excited to try this with me. He wants to know how to take care of them to get the most use out of them. I figure, I have just under $300 invested so far and I am pretty sure I wont have to buy more over the course of Elliots diapering days. But even if I do, it is still cheaper than buying diapers every month! You could easily spend between $2500-$3000 on diapers over the course of 3 years (lets me honest, most children are not potty trained in 2 years, most take longer!)

I bought my diapers online at and would be happy to help you out if you are interested in finding out more or going cloth yourself for you little ones. Yes, it may be gross to wash all the diapers, but if I am saving money, then its worth it!

And you dont use that much laundry detergent to wash the diapers, so you aren't spending more on soap than diapers, so it does equal out!

On other news, Sophia was laying next to Elliot this morning and just chomped down on his hand, and left marks. Oh it made me so mad! She does little things like that to get my attention and oh it worked today! She may spend her whole day in timeout today!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My gift

So lately, I have been really wondering what my Sprititual gift is. I know God has blessed me, but was searching for what that is. Well, I think I am figuring it out!

I have always loved children, reason why I have two and two close in age : ) Well, I started watching a little boy last year around this time, well, maybe longer, can't remember. Anyway, I started watching him again after Elliot was born. My 'maternity leave' was up and Caidan comes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Well, recently another friend contacted me to watch her little guy, Jayson, who is still very little. Just a few weeks younger than Elliot. So I'll have two extra little ones.

Now, I will be getting paid, which makes it nice to have a little extra money, but I really am happy to get the chance to help out two families. I am blessed to not have to go to work. Randy works extra hard so I can stay home with our children, but this is my way of giving back.

Will it be hard? Well, what would you think, I will have a 2 year old, an almost 2 year old and two infants under 3 months... yes, it will be a challenge. But I am up for it. I find myself more productive when I have more responsibility. Lets take today, I am still in my pj's at 1235... but days when I have more on the schedule I find myself getting more done.

God is good. We have been praying for a little extra money and this is just what we were thinking! I dont want to have a daycare, but this is just a small way to bring in a little more money and still be able to stay at home while doing so! Its awesome!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Another busy day

So, no surprise, we had a busy weekend. I went "home" last week to PA and spent Monday thru Friday at my parents house. While I was there I saw my siblings and family and loved it. Randy came and picked me up on thursday night and we made it home safe and sound on Friday.

Saturday I watched a friends two girls for the day, from 11:30 till Sunday! It was crazy. A 7 year old, two 2 year olds and a newborn, what a busy day! It was all good though, I survived : )

Sunday was good, great actually. got a chance to hear God's word shared and really contemplated some awesome scriptures!

Elliot had his 2 month check up today, he is growing and developing right along where he should be. What a beautiful baby he is, I'm so in love!

At Winter Jam, Randy adopted a little baby boy from India for our youth group to support. I saw his picture and my heart fell in love. I really started thinking about adoption and bringing a child like that into my life. I wasn't sure how Randy would feel about it and honestly, it is a HUGE committment on our parts. Its not something I'm going to jump into yet, but this little baby boy is so cute. He was born in June and was a premie, found in a garbage can, and is still in the hospital/orphanage. Not sure where that will take us, but maybe it is something that will open up for us. Randy is actually really on board with it. I feel very blessed to have two of my own children, but giving a child a better life and opportunities that he/she may not have otherwise, that would be awesome. Definatley something we need to pray about and continue to seek God's guidance on.

I am sitting in my living room, Randy is sleeping on the couch, Elliot is sleeping on the floor, all spread out, and Sophia is in her crib sleeping. I should try, but its so nice to see them all sleep. I pray that this nap is very good for all three of them. They are all so tired and exhausted. Well, maybe not Elliot, but the other two are!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Blessings blessings blessings!

So I just got home, a few hours ago, from PA. It was wonderful!! I went without Randy for the week, which was very hard, but all in all it was a good time. My parents really enjoyed having me there with Sophia and Elliot. They miss them when we dont get a chance to visit, and I could tell my mom was itching to see Elliot again.

I got to see three of my four siblings, one niece, and go shopping alot with my sisters and my mom. The days were lazy at times and busy at times. The evenings usually were spent preparing dinner for everyone and two of the four nights I was there we had everyone over. It was a great week.

As nice as it was to go, coming home was nice too. I love where we live and the people here and my house! Even though Randy didn't do much in terms of cleaning while I was gone, it was nice because it makes me feel needed. Silly, sure, but he would be so lost without me. I feel like its my purpose or part of it, to clean the hosue for him and take care of it. He has enough going on with his job he doesn't need to worry about it! I am just very blessed that he works as hard as he does so I can stay home with our two little ones.

Well, a few mintues ago, I was in the bathroom doing laundry, and the dogs were barking... yikes! Home alone, dark out, and the dogs bark... it was a lady from church bringing us a big box of food! It was hamburger meat, steaks, roasts, all sorts of yummy food! She said she got a half a cow and had more than her family could eat and she ran out of room, so she thought of us!!!! The way God works amazes me. This month we paid down a little more on debt, so our food budget has to be spread out, but this will help out a ton!! Definately enough big parts to meals that all we have to do is come up with the little things.

I love how God works. No matter how little I show my gratitude to Him, He is constantly providing! I dont know why I am so surprised by His goodness, because God is always good, but I am so grateful!

Sophia went to bed at 730, Elliot just ate and is sleeping soundly on the couch next to me and I have a basket of clothes to fold... but I may skip that for now and get to it later. Maybe... I am really tired tonight and just want to curl up with a movie and sleep. Both children are, I think I should be too!

Goodnight! Thanks for reading my random thoughts!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A wonderful day!!

What a great day! God really is amazing, duh right!

I was able to get a bottle ready for Elliot and I truly believe its because God wanted me to hear what Pastor Doug wanted to share in church today. It was great, he talked about how my response is my responsibilty. No matter what happens in my day, I can control how I respond. Something I find myself struggling with. Even lately, I find myself getting frustrated with my children, with Randy and todays message really convicted me and my way of doing things.

I realized today, that I can never have a bad day again, I can choose to let the situations around me influence my day, or I can let the things that dont go my way, go, and choose to have a good attitude. I never wnat to have another bad day.

Then tonight in youth group, and a little in sunday school today, we talked about what is our purpose on earth, why were you created. It really made me thing as well. Its not that I was created to make God happy, He doesn't need me to be happy, or for His glory, but what is awesome, GOD wants me. He may not need me to do His work, but He wants me. I think that is even better than needing me, that He wants me. Its just awesome.

We really challenged the teens tonight to make your days purposful, to really live each day to glorify God in our decisions and actions and its something I can do as well. I am not in high school anymore, but I can still relate it all my every day life!

Gods word is amazing, and there is always something you can learn and use in your life.

I would be so lost without God's word and without my relationship I have with Christ. First of all, I would be going to hell and no one wants that! And second of all, I am never alone! I have unconditional love, somethign my husband or parents or children can give me. They may love me, but not like God does. That kind of love is indescribable really... its amazing.

Ok, I just got word that our furnace has water around it due to the amount of rain coming down... ugh... but we'll deal with it and move on, and praise God for a house and a place to stay dry!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A great day with some great people

So today it rained all day, kind of a gloomy day, but we went to a wedding, and the wedding was so wonderful!

Here is a little history for you... the summer of 2004 I was visiting Randy in Reed City and there was a girl named Emily who just graduated from high school and just was going to find a job for the summer. I offered a job at Slippery Rock Baptist Camp and she thought it sounded like fun. So two days later we are in the car heading to PA for the summer. She had so much fun and it was an awesome summer. Well, she liked PA enough she moved back and lived out that way until recently. Well, she met a nice young man and they got married today! I can't take any credit for it, but I was a tool God used in putting that couple together!

AND, to make it even better, PAstor Dave married them, in Reed City, the church Randy and I started at as a couple. It was awesome. He was so surprised when we walked into the room... I loved it. God does things in only ways HE can forsee and make happen. I never thought that was going to happen, but it did!

I had a great visit with him, and with everyone from the reception. Kind of nice to see people from "home" in my new home. Doesn't happen very often, so when it does, its extra special.

We are loosing an hour of sleep tonight, as if I need any help in that department! So we attempted to get Sophia to bed sooner and it worked! Her little body is exhausted and was ready for sleep.

Oh, more big news. We are going to try cloth diapers for Elliot. I did the math and its going to save us lots of money over the course of the time between now and diaper free days... so its all going to be good. I am washing them now and I will start tomorrow! I only bought 3 to start, but I am pretty sure I will be ordering more. 3 will not last me very long! The way this little guy goes, it will only be a few hours! before I need to wash again! lol

Ok, so the clock says 9, but its really 10, so I may head to bed soon. Although I am wired up right now, maybe a few more minutes of cleaning but now that I sat down, that is probably not going to happen!

The words of my daughter

So Sophia is just about 2, April 1 is the day, and lately she has just become a talker. I have been told they know where she gets it from, both Randy and are talkers, and when I was little, around my family, I talked all the time. Ask my brothers, they'll tell you!

Lately, the funniest things come out of her mouth! This morning, Randy was getting ready to help the neighbors and she wanted to get dressed, So Randy took her and put her in an ourfit and she grabbed the car keys that were on the floor and said bye to me. Well, Randy left the house and she started crying, with keys in her hand, and tears going down her face, she said "Want go walmart" I was in shock for a second so I asked her if she wanted to go to walmart, and she said yes, and repeated her statement. Now this was extra cute because her keys were in hand... I love her, she is so cute!

She also tells me when she has boogers in her nose... she'll come over and lift her head back and show me, mama, I got boogers. And ask for a tissue.

I honestly believe she is a talker today at 2, because I have always talked to her. I have explained what we are doing along the way, even when she was little, like 6 weeks even. I tell her what we are doing, in the car I talk to her, getting her dressed, in the tub... I have always talked to her. And not in baby talk... as she's gotten bigger I stopped that when she was very little and I think its helped her.

Honestly, I did nothing, God made her and is making her smart like she is. He is just using me to teach her, He is working through me to teach her and help her in life. I love having that job!

Ok, so its now 11 (or almost) and I need to start getting ready. We are going to a wedding today at 2, and should probably leave around 1 or shortly after, that means, I have less time to get ready! Sophia is attempting to take an early nap... and Elliot just ate, so I should be in the clear to get a shwoer and start getting ready... we'll see : )

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Slow Fade

I've heard the song, Slow Fade, by Casting Crowns before, but I heard it just now while eating lunch with Sophia and it really hit me!

The one line said, people dont crumble in a day, families dont crumble in a day... and it really made me think!

It is so easy to slowly fade away from Christ and the relationship one has built with him. For me, I think I am a good person, I love God and I have a relationship, I have put my faith and trust in Him. I know if I were to die today, I would be in the presence of my Savior in heaven, but I have become so content staying where I am comfortable! I want to be comfortable, but I also want to make my life count for something, I want to do something with the life God gave me!

We are reading Dont Waiste your Life by John Piper in our sunday school class. I have read the book before, but only got half way through because its hard to read and be told that you are waisting your life. This life isn't mine... I didn't do anything to deserve it. God has given me this life... He gives me every breath I breath, so why don't I in return, use every breath I breath for HIS glory?

I watch Sophia and Elliot and think of the kind of mother I want to be for them. I want to be the mom that they can tell their friends they want to be like. A woman who fears God and strives to please Him.

Yesterday was a rough day... Sophia was really pushing my buttons and the limits. I told Randy I wasn't sure if I would make it to her 5th birthday because she was going to make me go crazy. But I was trying to raise her alone, without asking God for help.

A friend asked me yesterday how I manage children and a husband, how do I spread my time out. I think its hard, but you have to remember, I was a wife first then a mom. I need to treasure my time with Randy and really guard that special time so our relationship doesn't suffer. I want my children to see that I am in love with Randy. I dont want them to think their parents dont love each other, because we do.

So many new things racing through my head today. I want to write a book, but it would be all random thoughts and random pieces and no one would ever read it. thats ok.

I start back to "work" today. The littel boy I watch is coming at 1 till 6. Sophia is down for a nap so hopefully she'll wake up after he is here and will be in a good mood.

Ok, my random thoughts are done... just thought I would share.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Vacation Update

So here I am, two days now home from Florida, and I'm just starting to recover, or am I?

We flew out on the 23rd of Feb and it was all in all a good time. We had an extra seat for Sophia which worked out great. Randy and I had to go out and get a few things we didn't want to pack and so Beega (Randy's mom) loved holding Elliot while we were gone. sophia went to bed. That was a rough night for her,she did NOT want to sleep!

The week was fun, it flew by, but we made the most of it. We did a lot of shopping, swimming, eating and relaxing. Notice I didn't put alot of sleeping, lol, Elliot is still very much a mommmas boy and loved getting up at night to be with me. But he seemed to really thrive in Florida. He rolled over, yes, you read that correctly, from his belly to his back... yikes! He is also very talkative and has learned to smile. So precious.

The flight home was rough, Sophia really tested us. I am so sad she acted that way and I am also realizing how easy it can be to give in to her every cry. But in order to not let her get away with things we have to be firm now. Very hard. she has also resorted to hitting me... oh that makes me mad. But I have kept my cool and dont retaliate.... as hard as it is not to... I just hold onto her a little tighter and let her kick and scream and try to talk to her. So hard though, being a part of a two year old is rough!!!

I did get a boo boo while there, so silly on my part. I had picked up my father in laws excercise thing... lack of a better word... and it snapped and got my face. It hurt so bad and I have a very pretty cut that is now bruising and will probably have a scar, but I am ok. Its tender and its ugly, but whatever. Thankfully it didn't get my eye.... so whatever, I'm over it.

I also feel as though I'm coming down with a cold... boo hoo... I am just going to ignore it and eat right and try to get some rest... maybe it'll go away? maybe just maybe?

Ok, so I'll probably do another post later today, more on my mind just not enough time right now. I need to go eat.... just not that hungry. Being sick will do that to a person.