Four little Emmoreys

Four little Emmoreys

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One crazy week

Who would have thought that having four children in the house would be hard. Its not really. Just have to manage it well. But the four children in my house make for an interesting time.

The four year old. He is a great boy. He listens well and always plays nicely. He is however getting a tad homesick. Which isn't a good combo when the momma who is thousands of miles away, is also homesick. Not a good combo to let them talk on the phone right before he goes to bed and she has to go out to dinner. Woops.

The two year old is a week into potty training. It wasn't my idea to start her last week, but she started wanting to, so we ran with it. I want to put her in a diaper, I want to give in and fold like a deck of cards and give in to her whining and put her in a diaper. But what is that teaching her? I feel there is no going back now. She still pees her underwear because she simply could care less if she is wet because she doesn't want to stop playing to pee on the toilet. Plus she can be mean, and I really dont know where that is coming from. She pushes, hits and even bites. She'll be a delight in preschool! Hopefully she will outgrow this phase or whatever it is.

The 11 month old, Elliot. My oh my. He is getting his top eye teeth, let me just tell you its not been fun at night. He wakes up just screaming, and for fear of the other three waking up, I hurry to get him, or Randy does, and I nurse him, give him tylenol and calm him down. Its not been just once a night that this happens, but maybe twice (only give tylenol once though)

Then the 5 month old baby. Bless his little heart, he sleeps 12 hours a night, but during the day he doesn't like to be put down for long. I think its cause his momma hasn't had a need to put him down very much. And thats ok, just makes it hard for me, who has to put him down a few times more than normal just to make breakfast/lunch/dinner and feed Elliot.

So, can you tell its been a stresful week at my house? I offered to watch my friends kids so her and her husband could get away for the week. I know my friend misses them like crazy and is homesick for them, but before the kids came along, there was her and her husband, and someday, her boys will be grown and off to college and there will be her and hubby time once again. I just know how important those times are.

Oh and lets not forget my two fur babies. Who seem to think they need to go outside every five minutes but then they bark at every fall snowflake and that gets annoying as well. So they are spending some quality time in their kennels this week. I dont feel bad, they dont get cooped up like that for long times and usually dont see the kennels every day, so they need a little time in there.

So thats my week. Am I crazy for taking on this adventure with children here all the time all week, maybe sure.

Wanna know a secret, lol, tomorrow Riley comes and then friday Riley and Caidan both come, so thats right, 6 children by friday. AND the two houseguests dont leave until Sunday at some point, I'll get them to church and their parents will meet them there. A full entire week with them.

Am I ready for a third baby of my own? Bring it on!