Four little Emmoreys

Four little Emmoreys

Friday, July 25, 2008


So the past two days, it has been chaos at my house. Starting from 8 in the morning and not stopping until 9, we have had roofers here. We chose to just have friends help us and not pay someone, what a huge blessing they have all been!!!!!

My job has been to feed them all. Not hard right? Well these men can eat. Some of them always come back and look at the empty plates and say "is there any more" Oh, you want more besides the two hamburgers, one bbq chicken sandwhich and two hot dogs you just ate, you want more? The food has already cost us close to $200 dollars... yes I'm not lieing. I dont mind feeding them, but honestly, comments like that drive me crazy. Go to mcdonalds if you want more, I'm all out! For free food dont complain. Yes I know they are working and doing it for free, but come on!!

Besides that its all going well. My brother came today, what a blessing he is! I miss my family but when I see them for the first time or when they first show up a lump always appears in my throat and I just want to cry. I love my family and really miss them all. Being in Michigan I am pretty far away from them all. It stinks, but it can be a good thing. Just not sure how its good yet...

Ok, so I'm pretty tired, exhausted really. I am cooking all day long! I feel like one meal is done and I start the next. It never ends! Now that dinner is over I feel like I can clean up and close the kitchen. My brother is staying over but everyone else is going home! Thankfully only one more day of this. I just done know what I'm going to feed them tomorrow, more burgers? Leftovers? I can make pizza again, that would work. I have to go to the store, and buy more food. Why not.

Ok, my venting is over for tonight. I am so sleeeeepy and my feet are swollen. *sigh*

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

14 weeks

Well, I am now 14 weeks. Woohoo. Only 4 more weeks until I can possibly know what the gender is. I personally dont care to know, find it fun not knowing, but we may find out just because. Why not?

This week we are tearing off the shingles on our roof and putting new ones on. Why tear off the old to put on new ones? haha, makes sense to me. Well we dont want any leaks and leaving the old ones on may cause leaks. We dont want that.

Lately, I've been so moody. I know its pregnancy and the extra hormones in me, but I should be able to control them! It was never this bad with Sophia. I feel like I should leave while Randy does the shingles because all the prep that goes into it makes me stress!

Ok, enough venting. I'm done. Talk to you all later

Monday, July 14, 2008

a recent update

Well, not sure what I last wrote, haven't read it lately, but since I think I last wrote, here is what is going on...

We are going to have a baby! woohoo! I've reached 13 weeks, which is a safer time to share. When we lost the baby at 6-7 weeks I was truly devastated. I wanted to be so angry at God and just turn away from Him, but He is the only way I got through it. I realzied my plan is nothing compared to what He can do for me. I have learned so much through that whole experience that if I could, I wouldn't change what happened to me. It has made me a better person. I am thankful for what I went through. Hard as it was and even harder to really say this and mean it, I truly am thankful. someday when I reach the pearly gates of heaven I'll meet my little one that went "home" before I got to hold him/her, but that day it will all be worth it.

We will also be finding out the gender of this one. So many people have given us their opinions about it but it comes down to what Randy and I want. Randy wants to know and I do too... but it also doesn't matter to me. It would help with planning to be ready for when the little one comes. We dont make a ton of money, so if we know, we can prepare slowly, month by month until January. We dont need much, basically clothes if its a boy.

Some things I have been learning lately, when there is a difficulty in your path, do you pray and ask God for help right away, or do you use him later when nothing else is working. Pastor Doug had a quote a few weeks ago, Is prayer your first resource, or your final resort? I had to step back and look at that and think, more often, I tend to make it the final resort. Some simple examples, when I'm looking for something. I will search and look but never stop and ask God to help me see it. Then when i finally do, I always find it right away. You would think I would already have learned this lesson and make it the first resource! I tell ya what, I am human, and I do ere, but I pray and I strive to make it a daily challenge to seek God first in my life. Who gave me life? Who has given me everything I have? Randy provides for me, but Randy hasn't gone out and made anything for me, He hasn't made anything out of nothing like our GOD has!

Wow, I could go on and on about how Good and great our God is, but I think my body needs sleep. I have an early day tomorrow and really the rest of the week will be super busy.