Four little Emmoreys

Four little Emmoreys

Friday, December 9, 2011

Whats up Friday

I want to start to do this post on fridays, to unload the week that just past and look forward to the week ahead.

1. I feel my patience is being tested daily with Elliot. He used to be so sweet and not naughty but lately, I want to pull my hair out. In September he gave up the diaper, almost cold turkey. Since then he's had very few accidents. We went away for thanksgiving and since then he's struggled. Today he flat out peed his pants. I think that was the last straw as I put a diaper on him and put him down for a nap. I realize a diaper may not be the right direction, but I"m so tired of this. I know he knows better at this point.... ugh!

2. Sophia is thriving in school. She has lots of friends and even a few boys that she palls around with. I'm not surprised as I have watched a little boy a few months younger than her since they were 9 and 4 months old. No surprise she plays with boys in school.

3. A girl who went to college with me is in surgery right now (as I type) to remove a stage 4 brain tumor. I have no words to express how this is making me feel. I feel so badly for her two young boys and her husband. I know Gods hands are on her body right now and only HE can heal her.

4. I"m excited to have another baby... someday.... not sure when though.

5. I had a crummy head cold this week. Took me down for a few days. What stinks being sick as a mom, you dont get 'sick days'. If I didn't do the laundry, it wouldn't be done.

6. Fridays are our library days. Pretty fun group of kids that my children love to be around.

7. I offered to help with Sophia's schools big event, the auction. Its going to be way more work than I thought or even expected. I'm a tad overwhelmed at it actually. They originally asked me to run it.... I had no idea what I was getting myself into at the time I said 'yes' THen I found out it would be more than I could handle. I am still helping with it. But still overwhelmed at it all.

8. I so want a vacation, a true vacation, where money wasn't an option. sigh maybe someday.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

God is in the small things

Ever wonder if God cares about you? If he cares about the tiny details of your life that you struggle with on a daily basis?

I was reading the other night in Exodus (yes, true story) and I was blown away by the detail God went into with Moses on how to sacrifce an animal. I mean, the tiny details were there. I was almost grossed out by the amount of detail to be honest.

I asked Randy about it, because I was amazed at the detail written down, that God wanted to be recorded and took the time to share with Moses. Well, his explanation was simple. God cares about the tiny details.

I had a rough day today, I let my bitter attitude win over and control me. Sometimes, things are just hard for me. Today was definately one of those days.

But in the future, I really hope to remember what I read the other night. And remember that God cares about the small things, the things that weigh us down without really meaning it too. The things that we dont want to 'bother' God with. But if He could go into such detail to Moses, then I truly believe He cares about the small details of your (my) life.