Four little Emmoreys

Four little Emmoreys

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Just stop and think

Somedays I wish I had a job outside the home. I wish I got up, got my kids ready, dropped them off at daycare and went to work. Then picked them up later and heard all about their day but never got to live it.

Really? Not really. I know there are days that are hard, but would I trade it for a 9-5 job? No way.

I can't even go the bathroom without a follower. Showers, no way, I always get interupted by my children. I wake up in the morning to one or two of my children standing next to my side of the bed asking if its time to wake up yet. I sit down to eat my lunch and I hear one of my children ask for a drink or a snack. I clean up lunch and one of them will say "I"m stil hungry"

There are so many moments in my day that I want to throw in the towel.

But on the flip side....

The random I love yous, and the random hugs, and hearing my children play together all make me know I'm doing the right thing. I wouldn't trade what I do for anything. These days are going to go by fast enough. I dont want to miss a day of it.

Sophia, Elliot, and Andrew are three awesome kids. I wasn't sure we could handle one, then I wasn't sure we could handle two, then the third came along. I'm not sure we'll have anymore, but I do know the three I have I am enjoying!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

4 years later...

So let me back up about 4.5 years ago. We were living in a cute little house about 45 minutes away from where we are now. I was working at a preschool and I loved it. I had a great lead teacher I worked with. I was on the way home when I saw Randy had called, a few times, and left a message. So I called him back just as soon as I could and he said "What do you think about Clare?" My first response, "Who's Claire?" He laughed and said, "No no the town of Clare" I never realy thought of it much other than driving past to go to the mall in Midland. Well the conversation turned serious when he said he was considering taking a pastor position at a church.

Randy was a senior pastor at a church and it was going, but not the best fit for us. In my opinion, the church needed an older pastor, with more experience. Randy was 26 at the time and had a lot on his plate. ( I was only 23 with a baby on the way )

SO I said no way, Absolutely not was I moving when I was pregnant and starting over. No. Then later that day, I said, well maybe we should pray over it. Thats exactly what we did. In our excitement, we took a drive to Clare to check out the town. It was definately something that interested us.

Needless to say, we started the process, met with the pastor and the board at the church. I got bigger and bigger with our baby and we got more excited about this possibility.

Well, we made the decision and got ready to move. At first, Randy was driving to work everyday and leaving me at home. Well that wasn't working, so we decided to find a place to rent and move to Clare. Yup, the moving day came, March 17, the day of the irish festival in town. We packed up our house the night before and moved the next day. I was 37 weeks pregnant and uncomfortable.

Well, its been 4 years and so many changes! We not only had one baby, we had 3 babies! Our house is bursting at the seams with creativity and love. I couldn't be happier in our situation now.

Monday, March 14, 2011

A not so brief update on us.

I always think I'm going to stay up with my blog, and then a week or two will pass and I'll remember I wanted to post more. So much for that.

I wanted to update about my children, since they grow and change every single day.


Sophia is a constant battle. She is so strong willed and independent. I love her to pieces and everything about her, but there are days when she is overwhelming. I am trying to do a little preschool activity at home with her but I'm not sure I'm a good teacher for her. I feel as though there are days I have no patience with her. She is very smart and her imagination grows every day. We are planning a birthday party for her in less than 2 weeks. I can't believe my baby will be 4 years old soon. Just doesn't seem possible. The day I took the pregnancy test with her feels like yesterday and now its been 4 years. I feel as though God has blessed me with her!


What can I say about Elliot. He is starting to talk more, which is a huge relief. I was a little worried/concerned about his lack of speech. But all the sudden, like so many said would happen, he is just bursting with words. He is very attached to his dad and cries daily when Randy goes to leave. My heart aches everyday when Randy has to leave because I know it will break Elliots heart. Yesterday in church, the nursery worker was wearing a sweater just like the one I was wearing that day, he went over to her, touched her arm and said "my mama". The worker couldn't figure out what he was saying or what he meant by that until she saw me and put the pieces together. Makes me worry less about his speech when I hear things like that. He is getting it =) He is very busy and likes to help as well. When I clean, he cleans. I give him a wet rag and he goes along with me and helps.


Andrew is now 4.5 months old. He is not sleeping through the night like my other two were at this point but I'm ok with it. I know how fast it goes and I can sleep later. He is also very much a mamas boy. He will sometimes take a long nap for me, but somedays he gets woken up by life happenings in the house. He is content to lay on the floor and watch what goes on around him. He is by far my most snuggly baby and I love that about him. Overall, I would say he is my most easy going baby out of the three.

Randy and I:

Randy and I are doing fine. There are days that are better than others. But we always seem to talk and work things out. Marriage is something you have to work at every single day. Its not easy but I wouldn't have it any other way.

I seem to cry daily over things I can't change or for sheer exhaustion. But God is good, and God is faithful and he hears our crys and our prayers.