Four little Emmoreys

Four little Emmoreys

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Not sure...

Ok, not sure why, but the time says Im three hours behind what I really am... so add three hours to that... I didn't publish this last one at 6, it was really 9.... weird internet!

The past few days...

... to sum up what the psat few days have been like...

I went to a MARBC meeting at Lake Ann camp in Traverse City...It was a load of fun. People were telling me I couldn't take my daughter and I was like, ok. So I found a babysitter and I left her at home. Do you want to know how many children were there? I could have taken her. IT was nice to not have her, because it allowed me to be me without being a mommy. But I am a mom now, and she is still little. I guess its ok because Randy and I spent time together without her. We needed the time. Especially since the house situation is not looking good.

The well was completed, and then it didnt pass the test. So we had until 4 today to hear the results, and there was nothing. So the closing was set for tomorrow at 2, is now a time that we dont know yet. I'm really letting go of the situation. I know it will work out in God's timing. But what exactly am I supposed to do while I wait? Twiddle my thumbs? I'm so lost of words really. I want to be moved in this weekend, I want to be out of this limbo period and be established. If I wait any longer, I am going to to take my stuff and go to PA. I really like it in Clare, but I'm ready!

Ok, if I continue, I am going to keep complaining, and that is not healthy for me.... so thats all! Goodnight!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A long day

So today is coming to a close, and honestly, I can't remember if I posted today. I think I did, but what the heck, here is another.

They started digging the well today. Actually, the big rig drill is sitting in our new yard still.Closing is set for next thursday, the 25th. That means that afternoon I am blitzing the house with paint. I will cover the walls and the ceiling with new paint making moving in much more enjoyable!

I got some new pictures in the mail today, so what did I spend the afternoon doing, scrapbooking. It was so enjoyable. I did about ten pages actually. I covered Sophia from the month of June to the present. I think I could make twenty pages on a given month. I have to be realistic and spread out the pages a bit. I want to capture her every moment. I found I could not remember what she looked like as a new born. I could look at pictures, but looking at her now is hard to see the tiny baby that she was. That feeling makes me want a second baby to cherish those moments with. I know, that is the wrong way to go about this, but it couldn't hurt?

So, this is our plan for the near future. THis weekend we are going to pack this house up. The garage needs to have some major work done on it. Just packing the stuff up and organizing. Throwing stuff away if need to be! Then we can move what we already have packed to the garage to make moving out easier. Everything will hopefully be in the garage. We have nothing going on this weekend, so that is our big plan. Of course, things could change making packing impossible to happen. But if it does, we'll just adapt. We are good at that!

Tonight Randy asked for cookies, not just any cookies, but my mom's famous choc chip cookies. They take some time to make, but they are soo good. So we just finished them and now I'm really wiped out. I'm trying though to upload a video of Sophia saying "hi dad" so my family can see her first words. IT will melt your heart!

Ok, this is turning into a ramble.... later

The weekend

Ok, I am really trying to do better on posting on this blog. I had a xanga account, but I never wrote on it, so I'm going to turn this one around!

Sunday was a busy day! We had sunday school, and then church, and then we took a group of teens from our youth group to The Springs to clean. They have a retreat center and in that center there is the motel side and the dorm side. I was put in cleaning the bathroom toilets. It took me back to when I worked at Slippery Rock Baptist Camp with Keara and Anne in the bathrooms. Just something about cleaning a toilet that it is a real humbling experience. AFter the toilets were all clean, I went back to the beginning of the hotel rooms and mopped the bathroom floors. I also vaccumed a bit but there was two vaccums, so the job got done faster. It was just a good day. After we got home, I went and picked up my daughter from the babysitter and went to youth group. Small group was really well! The girls I think are really wanting to grow and develop there relationships, but just dont know how to. I''m so excited to help them!

After youth group we had a SNAC (Sunday night after church) at a families house. It went till about 9 oclock. We played smash the pumpkin. The guy who owns the house and hosted the SNAC tied a pumpkin up and then blindfolded a teen and had them take a swing at it. It was pretty cool. THey also had a bonfire out for us to sit out and enjoy. Two girls, Lydia and Nicole stayed inside and kept Sophia for us. They are both out of youth group and really enjoy babies.

OK, so now about the house. They were supposed to dig the new well yesterday. THey did not. I'm starting to really give it up. I know God will have that well dug when its time. Not my time. I have such a human perspective on the whole situation. I guess I'm not really giving it to God. Just what I'm telling my small group to do, I'm not doing. How do I expect them to do it, when I can't!

Alright. My mother in law is coming today to take us out to lunch because she is leaving for Florida on Saturday and wont be back until April or May. We are going to try to get down to see them in February, if we start budgeting for the trip!!

LAter gaters!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

What a day

Ok, I'm going to give blogging a try again! Things are going alright right now. I would love to change the situation to what I want, but God says He has a better plan. I would much rather have God in control of things than me. I know I would mess things up even worse than I am already doing!

We are buying a house... we think. We have a house, made an offer, and now we are waiting. It is sitting empty. But we have to get a new well first. We could live with the well that is there and put a new pipe in, but there is no guarantee the well will hodl us. SO.. we are spending a little more money in hopes to get a better well. Anyway...

Sophia is already 6 months and 1 week! I can't believe it! She is growing so fast and developing so rapidly. Every day something new happens and I am in awe of what she is doing.

Alright, that is all that is going on. I'm done for the night!