Four little Emmoreys

Four little Emmoreys

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2 week check up--- update!

So today, we took Elliot to his 2 week check up. I say we, but it just me that went. Randy kept Sophia and actually took her to church with him for a little bit while we were gone.

It was uneventful. He is now 9 pounds 10 ounces... which is up from birth-weight. Awesome! My doctor was very impressed with him, says he is in the 90-95% for height/weight/head. Who would have thought little me would have such a big baby. But he told me not to expect this to stay up, it'll probably taper off to around the 50th percentile. Seeing as Randy and I are not big people : )

The doctor looked at me, and said "dont take this the wrong way... (oh great right?) but you look like you have the new mom glow. You look tired, sure, but there is something about the new mom glow that I love seeing when new moms come in." Yes I am very tired, and I think I look very tired, but that is so nice to hear sometims. The new mom glow... I think it is a combination of very tired and the love for this new little baby!

Elliot is such a blessing and such a good baby. He eats well, sleeps well and when awake focuses on my face now... I love it! I heard once that baby girls will focus on your face earlier and baby boys will find the fan or the light over your face.. that is also very true! Sophia focused on my face more early.. Elliot will see my face and then oh the light! No celing fans to catch his eye in our house. So cute though!

Randy went to get his birth certificate today, and so we can take him on the airplane next month, proof of who he is : ) So exciting!

It was a pretty uneventful day so far, but its now 1:22 and I'm wiped out! I wanted to find a new sling today.. but after the doctor appointment I decided it wasn't worth it, I was too tired. Elliot would have been fine, he just ate before I left the office, but I just wanted to get home.

Good news, I got a coupon for 15% off at Babies R Us... so I think Monday will be our trip over to get one! How cool!!!

A little nervous about the weekend... Randy is taking our teens to snow camp and will be gone friday night-sunday afternoon. I can handle it, I just am getting a little worried about it. We wont be leaving the house or anything... but it'll make for an interesting day on Saturday! We'll probably not go to church on sunday... not ready to make that trip without Randy there to help yet! Oh we'll be fine... just a little nervous.

Gotta go, I so want a nap, but now Sophia is awake, not sure if it'll happen or not... hmm... wishful thinking!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 12

Elliot is now 12 days old, can you believe it? How is this possible. I honestly dont believe it sometimes when I look at my family. Not only am I married, but I have an almost 2 year old and a newborn! WOW!

We took Elliot to the health department today, he is now 9 pounds 10 ounces.. and 21.25 inches tall. Which means he is a quarter inche bigger and he has gained back all he lost after he was born and then some! The goal by the two week appointment is to have passed his birth weight. His two week appointment is on Wednesday, so we'll get to have him weighed again then!

Sophia has adjusted fairly well to him. Today is the first full day where it was just the four of us, so we are still adjusting. Tomorrow Randy goes back to work all day, so we'll see how I do with both kids without help.

We are getting dinner brought today, which is very nice. The ladies in the church decided to wait until after our parents all went home to start the meals... such a blessing!

Elliot is so strong and perfect. He honestly sleeps all the time and he is already holding his head up. He was doing that before we even left the hosptial. I guess when you are born "half grown" as people like to tell me, you can do that!

Well, Elliot is stirring from his sleep so I better go get him, change him and then feed him. That is pretty much the story of my life! Its all worth it. It wont be like this for long and I am soaking it in... I really love my children and my life right now! So wonderful!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Elliot Stephen Emmorey-- the newest member of my family

Elliot Stephen Emmorey joined our family Wednesday, January 14 at 10:39 PM... here is the story...

Wednesday morning I woke up and laid in bed, thinking about how I was feeling. I made up my mind that today wasn't the day my son would be born. I started to get out of bed and could hardly walk... the amount of pain and pressure on my pelvis was unbearable...

I got ready for my doctors appointment, knowing and getting my mind ready for him to tell me I had another week. I was setting my expectations very low so to not be disappointed. I made Randy go with me in case my attitude got the best of me and I started to cry. Well, after being checked, the doctor said there was no change, but that the way the babies head was pushing down, he was not going to get any lower until I started contractions and labor started.

He gave me options. Option 1... wait a week to see if things happened on their own. (Not what I wanted) Option 1... Help me get started and see if we could have the baby a little sooner. (I really liked that option) So he asked what date worked for me and I said, today was fine (with a big smile) He told me to go home and pack my bag and get ready to have a baby.

I was already packed, so we just had a few things to take care of at home before heading to the hospital.

Here is the timeline of the rest of the day:

11:30-- arrived at he hospital, the one time I wanted a wheelchair to get upstairs they didn't offer it... I could hardly walk and was taking little bitty steps. The pressure was so intense.

1:00-- Dr. Bremer inserted cervadil to soften my cervix and hopefully get things moving along. I had to lay in bed for a few hours... very boring!

4:00-- the nurse came in to start me on pitocen... I didn't want to have it, but thought if it would help get my little guy to me sooner, then why not!

4:45-- got checked, only 2 cm dilated. The nurse said there was a chance that if things didnt happen they would stop me and re-start things the next morning... didn't like that option either.

6:45-- Dr came back, didn't check me but said he would be back later to check on me

7:30-- upped the dosage of Pitocen making the contractions I was already having more intense and more regular on a 2-3 minute basis... ouch

8:00-- asked for some drugs... feeling every bit of every contraction... every 2 minutes (ouch again)

8:00-9:15-- laid in bed "watching" american idol even though I was so out of it I hardly remember anything... but I would wake for a contraction... then fall back asleep...I thought they were slowing down, but little did I realize they were speeding up and my body was definately moving towards having a baby.

9:30-9:40-- got up and walked the halls... thought that during my contractions my legs were starting to shake and thought I should lay back down...

9:45-- nurse checked me and was 7 cm dialated... woohoo... now thats what I'm talking about.

10:00-- nurse came back and checked me again and was 8.5 cm dilated (the goal is 10 by the way)

thats when she called the doctor.... he better hurry... I was telling the nurses I wanted to push and I was going to push. They kept telling me not yet. well, thats easy for them to say, they werent in my shoes at the moment...

10:20-- Dr showed up and the first thing I said was, I"M GOING TO PUSH.. he looked at me and said not yet. I was tired of hearing that...

The next 19 minutes are a blur... but at one point, dr said, next contraction breath, the next one after that push... well... I think I skipped the breathing one and started pushing. They didn't even have time to break my water, Elliot took care of that one.

Two pushes later Elliot Stephen came into our lives. They weighed him and yelled it out, I couldn't believe it.

9 pounds 6.8 ounces.... 21 inches. That would be why I couldn't walk and was miserable for the weeks leading up to the delivery, he was HUGE!

In just under 3 hours I went from hardly progressing to active labor to holding my son. What a wonderful blessing how fast it was. Yes, it hurt, but it was worth it. Elliot is amazing and he is eating and just perfect.

He is nursing all the time (ouch again) and he is sleeping so great. He is laying next to me right now and I couldn't be more in love with a tiny person I just met. Even though he has been a part of me for the past 10 months, I feel like I am meeting him for the first time and at the same time I can't remember what life was like before him.

Sophia is great with him, she kisses him and points out what parts he has on his face. When Randy was changing his diaper today, we forgot we had a boy and boys sometimes spray when they go pee... well.... Sophia started crying when we didn't cover him up. It was funny/cute... oh it made me almost pee... not hard especially after having a baby. It was only the first of what I think will be many times like that : )

So thats my story. He is perfect and I thank God for him every day (both days he has been with me) I can't believe God gave me such a wonderful little boy. I look forward to seeing him grow into a young man, hopefully one that has a heart for God!

Friday, January 9, 2009

10 days to go...

So there have been movies with "10" in the title, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, 10 Things I hate about you.... How about a new one... "10 days to go!"

I am not 10 days before my due date and technically, this baby could be born at any day. But I am not focusing on that. Instead I am thinking of the last 10 days before my daughter has to share me.

Soon, she wont have my undivided attention during the day. Her meals may have to be delayed a few minutes because I have to feed her brother. Looking at it that way, makes me ok with waiting.

I chat online with this birth board, have been since this summer and its been great. The ladies are all so supportive (we are all due in the month of JAN 09). Well, there have been I think 18 babies born already... 10 before Jan even started! ITs hard to read about the babies and how others are going into labor, but I have had to step back and say, its not your time Sara! Just be patient.

When I try to plan my childs birthday, its like I'm telling God, its ok, I got this one. Um. No thank you! This is a situation I not only want, but I need God's help. Having a baby is not an easy job and I could never go it alone. (Nor do I want to)

So as much as picking my child's birthday and knowing the time and day he will be born, I'm learning to be content.

I went to bed last night at 10 PM and slept until 3 when I got a text from a birth buddy on the board saying she had her baby.... (yeah DEE!!!!) and then updated the board and was actually able to sleep until 9! I woke up and feel great today. I am still uncomfortable, but oh well! I feel great today.

So whatever day this little boy wants to come, is ok with me. I really dont want to be induced if I can avoid it, and so I want things to just happen naturally on their own when he is ready. I am a firm believe he will too!

Ok, Randy is bring home pizza for lunch for me, and Sophia is finally asleep. She was so cranky I just laid her down. After a few minutes of fighting it, she is finally out. She has had a cold, so a little more sleep is a good thing for her : )

Thanks for reading. As soon as this little bundle of joy comes I'll be sure to post his story : )

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Having a Gilmore moment...

For those of you who watch or are familiar with Gilmore Girls.... there is an episode, where Sukki is pregnant, very pregnant, and she shows up at Loralei's house and is freaking out saying things like "Get it out, it will never come out" Meaning her baby she is carrying....

Well yesterday, I was Sukki. I know I'm not technically at my due date yet, I have what, 10 days now to go? But come one, thats close enough right? lol

I had a check up yesterday and my doctor didn't give me much hope of having him in the next week. I want him to be wrong, but something tells me he is going to be right on. I left the appointment and the hormones got the best of me and I cried... Oh did I cry. I told Randy I was putting myself on house arrest, no contact with people at all.... computer included. That didn't last because I realized how selfish and childish I sounded. Just because I couldn't get my way I was just going to shut the world out? I dont ever tolerate that when Sophia does that, why am I allowed? So I called Randy and we went pant shopping for Sophia with only a little bit of sucess. THen came home and tried to rest because of pain, oh the pain.

After dinner I just wanted to curl up in bed and shut down, but then Randy left for church and someone had to take care of that adorable little girl... so we took a bath and got ready for bed. I let her play in the tub for a long time, I think she loved the extra water time. I took the plug out, and started to get ready to get her out and I look over and she is laying belly down in the draining water like "no water come back I'm not done yet!" It was pretty cute!

So it was an eventful morning, that has lead to nothing. I woke up with havin a contraction. This puppy was strong! Definately the strongest yet... then followed by two more close ones.... I got up and went to the couch... where they stopped. I thought maybe I am just hungry... so I ate a bowl of cereal and I think that was all it was... *sigh* but you know, today could still be the day....

This is the day the LORD has made, I need to rejoice and be glad in it!

Thats whats going on... I'm going to head back to bed, maybe I can get another hour or so before my little Sophia is up and in full force for the day. She truly hits the ground running every day. But she sleeps hard too.... its a definate win win there!

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

38 weeks... and counting

Ok, so I need to keep positive here, and should just focus on all the good things God has done for me, and then maybe my negative attitude would go away. Its just so hard.

Lord why? I am so uncomfortabe and so ready to have this little boy out, but its just seeming to not happen! One of the first thoughts every morning is, I wonder if today will be the day? Then as I lay and just think about it, I tell myself, no not today.

I chat online with this birth board of other ladies all due in Jan, some have had their babies in december (10 actually) and this week is going to be a busy week. I think there are 6 definately going to have their babies this week. I want to be included in that number! I have a "birth buddy" and she texted me earlier and updated me that she will be induced tomorrow morning. *sigh* I'm not due till the 19th, so I have a few weeks technically, but come on, lots of babies are born within 2 weeks of their due date!

Also, I was asleep, sleeping soundly too, when Randy got home from work, which woke the dogs up, and my text rang on my phone... so I knew once I was woke up I wouldn't be able to fall back asleep easily. Oh I was right! I am up, at 3:41 AM just watching a re-run of some bowl game, the champs sports bowl game to be exact.... *sigh*

ON top of it all, I got in a fight with my mom. I dont think it was a fight, I just got really irratated at her and really wanted to hang up. My brother had his input on the situation as I was on speaker phone.... telling a pregnant lady she is going to be 2 weeks late (at this point) is not nice. I dont care if you are thinking it, dont tell me! Then to have someone who hasn't experienced this for himself (or with his wife) to relax and be patient.... um... NO! just let me vent and tell me its all going to be ok and move on. there are times I dont wnat you to fix it or try to give your two cents, but just listen. That was one of those moments. I just can't talk to her right now... I need to give it a day or so and calm down. She probably wont even think twice about it, but it really got me worked up.

Randy is also looking at buying a new van. And to be hoenst, I want him too... just go for it. I'll go with you and we'll get one tomorrow. I understand his reasoning behind making the deal soon on our van I just know its more stress or could add more stress to a situation that doesn't need extra stress.... definately got that going without anything extra right now!!!!!

Crazy! I think I am goin to clean. My living room looks like the toy box puked all the toys all over the place. Sophia is good at that. But the whole clean up issue is something we are working on... not something she has down yet. But we are getting there!!!!

Ok, you want to know a funny thought... with all this going on, I was actually thinking of trying to potty train her before this baby came.... can you imagine???? So glad I gave up on that dream... hehe... I would be in a padded room by now...

Goodnight folks.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Before 3 become 4...

Friday afternoon, Randy calls me (wakes me from my nap mind you) and said to pack a bag with swimsuits included, we were going away for the night. woohoo! I quickly got up and got ready. I can be ready to go overnight like that in about ten minutes, and then including sophia, 12 minutes.... I am a fast packer. We left around 5 and got to the hotel sometime before 7. Long uncomfortable ride thats for sure!

We went to the pool and it was so nice. Sophia has zero fear of water. She didn't like it at first, but then once she got going and realized it was like a HUGE tubbie... she loved it! Sadly, around 3 AM she joined us in the bed because she woke up and I got kicked and punched in the face from that sweet little angelic child for the rest of the night... lol....

We hit the water again Sat morning and again Sophia loved it. The water slide captured her attention. She kept saying again again again... randy would take her down it and lift her up at the end so she didn't go under. It was pretty cute....

We spent some time with Randys nephews and niece too, which was a lot fun. They are super great kids and we really have missed hanging out with them. We are going to really try, and make a huge effort to see them every few months. We just get busy and thats a terrible excuse why we dont spend time with them! Randy's X-sister in law is understand and wants to let us see them. We are thankful for that.

Hopefully this was our last weekend for our family of 3 before it becomes 4! I really wonder what he is waiting for... lol... he's just not ready I guess. But I am! Its not about me, but I would sure like him to come out and so I can just be comfortable when I sit down!!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Another long day

So the last day of the year, was it the longest for me? Very possible. Heres the story.

Tuesday I went to the doctor, no change in terms of baby coming soon. So I was pretty upset over it. Why? I know when he is due.... but I just had this thought he could come early (before 2009) so when I realized he wasn't going to, I got upset.

No big deal.. I'm over it.

So we get to the new years eve party at church, and the first thing people would say to me (not everyone mind you) was "Why are you still here, aren't you supposed to be having a baby?" The first time it happened I laughed it off, but by the time I heard it for the tenth time I was getting annoyed. I just wanted to go home and cry.

Randy sensed this and around 10 he took me home. I started crying in the van. Yes, I have a little less than three weeks till my "due date" my I dont feel good, so much going on that I just dont want to describe that makes me think he is coming soon, but yet, NOTHING is going on!

As I type this, I am having more contractions. The one that woke me from my sleep was very intense, started in my back and worked its way around and up my stomach. Definately more intense and more like the "real thing"

I'm not upset at people at my church, they all mean well, and I'm sure if they knew how much I struggled with this right now they wouldn't say anything, but its just so hard. If I happen to go overdue, I wont go to church... I dont think I could handle hearing it at all "Why haven't you had that baby yet?"

I'm going to try to go back to sleep. No guarantees or anything, but TRY is the key word.

Ahh, do I think the baby will be born today? No.... but soon