Four little Emmoreys

Four little Emmoreys

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Along time...

Ok, so I was going to stay up to this blog, but there is no guarantees. Sophia is now almost 11 months (on saturday). We are planning on having a small b-day party for her. Just probably my parents. They wont be here on the actual b-day, but maybe we'll do something special on the 1st and then something with my parents the weekend before : )

I just spend the weekend with my parents. I really enjoy spending time with them. They may not be perfect and sure they may not of had it all together when we were growing up, but they always did there best. They always provided food and we never were without food or clothes. They are great people. They love the Lord and always had us in church. They may not have all the answers to lifes problems, but they did there best. Watching them with my daughter helped me see what they could have been like with a small infant.

We bought a van today. Yup, a 2003 ford windstar. It is so nice, what a blessing!! I drove it for the first tiem and really like it. I prayed the whole way home and thanked God for providing such a nice van for an undeserving child!

what a blessing... a friend just called and she is going to come over and sit while I go to church so I dont have to take a sick baby out! God is so good... its unbelievable how much I take for granted and when I should be thanking HIM continuously for His goodness!

Gotta jet! Dirty kitchen and a not alot of time to clean!